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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Installer Revisited
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2014 16:30:35 GMT
Oh, I forgot.  If you try to run installer.xml from flex-asjs, you need to
have run "ant release" in flex-falcon and point to the bin.zip with
something like:


On 1/2/14 8:23 AM, "Alex Harui" <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:

>On 1/2/14 3:05 AM, "Tom Chiverton" <tc@extravision.com> wrote:
>>But it sounds like the plan is to structure things so that the installer
>>(AIR or Shell based) can download an archive and then just unpack it and
>>run ant, and ant will take care of putting stuff in the correct place ?
>>And the list of things to download (and ant) will be just an XML file on
>>our servers ?
>Sort of.  I'm not envisioning a shell based installer.  Just an AIR-based
>installer like we have now, or else we assume you have Ant installed and
>you download an archive, unpack it, and run "ant install" or something
>like that.
>In fact, I have most of it working in flex-asjs and flex-falcon already.
>If you sync those repos and flex-utilities, you can try running "ant -f
>installer.xml" and see if it works (it seems to be working on mac, need to
>try Windows next, I don't have Linux).
>You will need a local.properties or specify properties on the command line
>for the following:
># Flash player version for which player global swc to use
># AIR version number
># Default locale for the SDK
>>I assume they'll be place holders for the install location or something
>I'm not sure I understood this, but the idea is that wherever you unpack
>the archive is the "install location".  It would be the folder you point
>Flash Builder to as a new SDK or the folder you set FLEX_HOME to when
>building apps from the command line.

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