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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex Examples
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2014 16:23:24 GMT

On 12/31/13 8:07 PM, "Joseph Balderson" <news@joeflash.ca> wrote:

>I understand the concern about the domain name. However, in the spirit of
>continuing the work of Peter De Haan, since he still is in control of
>flexexamples.com, I think apacheflexexamples.com is perfectly appropriate.
It is logical, but I don't know if I can agree that it is appropriate.
The use of "apache" in the domain name would imply to me that all code is
developed under the "Apache Way".
>To alleviate any confusion of direct relationship with the Apache
>foundation, I
>would be perfectly willing to put a attribution, top and centre of each
>similar to what is to be found in books using the "Apache Foo" format,
>the required "Apache, Apache Flex, and Flex are trademarks of The Apache
>Software Foundation. Used with permission. No endorsement by The Apache
>Foundation is implied by the use of these marks."
I would imagine that in the end you will want to use "Flex" somewhere in
the domain name and this disclaimer will be required.  However, I'm not
sure it will be sufficient to allow you to use "apache" in the domain
name.  Another issue is, if someone else wants to start their own site of
examples, they don't have a level playing field as the apacheflexexamples
domain name just sounds more "official" and will look more official in
search results.  And again, we will probably host some minimal set of
examples on the flex.apache.org site and we don't want confusion between
those an other third party examples.  Finally, Peter Dehaan was at least
an employee of Adobe when he produced most of that content.

>Of course, that's assuming I have permission from Apache. Lemme get a
>beta out
>the door, then I'll pass it by apache at that time, and if they still have
>issues with the domain name, given the spirit of intent, and the
>then we can look at other options. If it's a problem I might even be
>willing to
>donate the domain name to the Apache Flex group provided I could still
>administrate it. I'm sure there is something we can work out.
I will seek advice from our VP of Branding on this matter.

Again, I'm totally in support of you building out a site full of
examples/tutorials, but I'm not sure Apache Flex can support your choice
of domain name.


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