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From Stephane Beladaci <adobeflexengin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex Examples
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 03:06:26 GMT
Angelo, I totally agree with your point! The time when it was all about the
domain, title and tags is long gone. It is funny you mention that, because
I was going to add to my previous email that a shorter domain with just
flex might be better because of the higher ratio of "flex" compared to the
total length, but I did not want to comment on something I'm not sure

Joseph, my 2 cents: I think JoeFlash.com would be actually even better
because at the end the Flash brand is way, like way more recognized by both
search algorithms and people. "Flex" is not identified to Apache Flex at
all. In addition, adding Apache might be a risky game because Apache is
super popular, and it might take over some Flex for some algorithms, so you
would end up being confused with Apache stuff that has nothing to do with
Flex. It happens in jobs forums all the time for instance, I myself never
use Apache anymore.

You should ask the guys at Moz.com, they know their stuff, tell them it's
not for profit, and you need an advice, they will help you.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Angelo Anolin <angelo.anolin@gmail.com>wrote:

> I hope that we don't get too hung up on the domain name issue, but rather,
> collectively put in energy to provide good examples that our target
> audience would find feasible to apply in their endeavours (devs,
> enterprise, etc.).
> Kindly correct me if I am wrong, but search algorithms not only depend on
> the domain name to rank page searches to provide relevant results. Once
> good and usable examples and content using Apache Flex has already been
> setup, people wanting to get more info and sample on Flex would likely
> stumble over to the samples page. And when people get more relevant
> information about the sample sites, the likelihood that it would  rank
> higher on search pages.
> Let us give the people the better choice to deliver web and windows based
> applications by demonstrating what Flex can do and has evolved into.
> Just my 2 cents.
> On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 3:49 PM, Scott Guthmann <
> scott@on3softwaredevelopment.com> wrote:
> > >Just for the record: I hate it when the rules get in the way of good
> > intentions. That's not what the rules are intended for, IMHO. The rules
> > should be there to avoid abuse, not to discourage use...
> > >EdB
> >
> > Erik is right in my opinion. We must balance the need for the Apache
> > Software Foundation to defend ownership of the brand  and protect
> software
> > developers and other stakeholders from being fooled, yet allow commercial
> > services providers to market and sell their services. I do not think that
> > there is a risk today, of *too much* encouragement for those few (those
> > reading this message) who still build applications and sell services with
> > Apache Flex. We should be as lenient as we can with developers and
> > providers who are still with us.
> >
> > >>I would imagine that in the end you will want to use "Flex" somewhere
> in
> > the domain name and this disclaimer will be required.  However, I'm not
> > sure it will be sufficient to allow you to use "apache" in the >>domain
> > name.  Another issue is, if someone else wants to start their own site of
> > examples, they don't have a level playing field as the apacheflexexamples
> > domain name just sounds more "official" and will look >>more official in
> > search results.  ...
> >
> > This ^^ provides the specific example of what *not* to do - > ...an
> > "abusive example" that Erik described above. When the domain name appears
> > to be "official" and someone is likely to be fooled, then the domain name
> > should not be used. "JoeFlash.com", "JoeFlex.org", Apache-Joe-Flex.com",
> > "Flextras.biz", even "Apache-Flex-tras.biz" allow the service provider to
> > use a keyword rich domain name, yet do not  appear to be "official" to
> me.
> > These examples are just clever services providers trying to earn a
> living,
> > IMO.
> >
> > If the domain the commercial interest is evaluating has "Apache" + "Flex"
> > + ".org" in the URL being registered, the services provider should not
> > register the domain & pick another domain that is clever, clear, and
> > unlikely to be confused with what ASF owns.
> >

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