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From Alexander Doroshko <alexander.doros...@jetbrains.com>
Subject Re: FDB vs FB debugging ?
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 10:37:24 GMT
in my understanding FB uses the same low-level (protocol) code as FDB, 
but a bit different high-level wrapper. Since FB is not open-sourced I 
don't know what is the difference.

I recommend you to try using FDB from Adobe AIR SDK bundle that includes 
ASC 2.0. FDB tool bundled there is very much different from what is in 
the Apache Flex SDK and it usually works better. You do not have to 
switch your project to AIR SDK in IntelliJ, it is enough to configure 
AIR SDK in Project Stucture | SDKs and select it in 'Use debugger from 
SDK' field in the Flash App Run Configuration dialog (Run | Edit 

If you have time to debug FDB tool itself - it is rather easy to do. 
I've uploaded IntelliJ IDEA project files to 

You need to have Apache Flex SDK built locally from sources, because my 
project structure is not 'fair' - it relies on some jars that are built 
during standard SDK build process by ant.
Unpack attached zip in the 'sdk' root repository folder and open the 
project in IntelliJ IDEA. There's already DebugCLI run configuration 
created, so just click Debug button, after compilation you'll get fdb 
greeting in the Debug tool window.


On 14.01.2014 22:18, Frédéric THOMAS wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm facing an issue using IntelliJ or FDB directly to debug multi-module projects then
tried with FB and had no problems, maybe someone can enlighten me regarding the differences,
basically, the issue is that I can't set a breakpoint in a module, these are the returned
messages "Breakpoint not set; no executable code at line" or "There is no executable code
on the specified line" :
> Thanks,
> Frédéric THOMAS 		 	   		

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