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From Joseph Balderson <n...@joeflash.ca>
Subject Re: Apache Flex Examples Proposal
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 07:38:40 GMT
Alex, how is Apache trademarks going to be aware of the full intent of the
future site if you cannot forward the contents of my proposal detailed above? I
gotta be honest man, I am really not liking where this is going. Methinks it
might have been better to allow me the opportunity to describe the project a
little more formally before submitting a proposal on my behalf? I came to this
list seeking advice on protocol, not to have the trademark request submitted
without my knowledge.

Please advise.

Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book

Alex Harui wrote:
> Trademarks is a private list so I can't forward without permission.  I
> will say that I did get a response today and the answer was not an
> unequivocal "no".  More discussion has to happen in private before a final
> ruling is made.
> -Alex
> On 1/4/14 12:44 PM, "Joseph Balderson" <news@joeflash.ca> wrote:
>> Thanks Alex. If you could forward me a copy of their reply off-list to
>> jbdesign@joeflash.ca and/or forward them my email, that would be greatly
>> appreciated.
>> _______________________________________________________________________
>> Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
>> Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book
>> Joseph Balderson wrote:
>>> My only concern is that, in the absence of the details contained in my
>>> formal
>>> request as outlined below, the initial contact to Apache trademarks
>>> regarding
>>> this issue might not constitute "putting our best foot forward" in
>>> having this
>>> use case approved. And since I do not know the content of your initial
>>> communication to them on my behalf, I cannot say one way or another. It
>>> would
>>> ease my mind to know that Apache were aware of the contents of my
>>> proposal
>>> before reaching a verdict, which is why I wonder if waiting to send
>>> them this
>>> information would be the wisest course of action.
>>> Thanks very much for your help,
>>> Joseph
>>> _______________________________________________________________________
>>> Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
>>> Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book
>>> Alex Harui wrote:
>>>> Joe,
>>>> If it were me, I'd wait until Tuesday to contact trademarks@a.o.  I've
>>>> already asked trademarks for their guidance on this matter and they
>>>> haven't responded yet.  I did see trademarks answer another email, but
>>>> they may not be fully engaged and caught up on everything until Monday.
>>>> I would suggest tweaking it a bit to make it clear you've read the
>>>> domain
>>>> name policy documents on the Apache site, otherwise the first response
>>>> you
>>>> get might just be a pointer to those documents.  It is pretty clear to
>>>> me
>>>> from those documents that you will have to have a disclaimer on your
>>>> site.
>>>>  IMO, asking "if desired" implies that you haven't read those
>>>> documents.
>>>> -Alex
>>>> On 1/3/14 7:17 PM, "Joseph Balderson" <news@joeflash.ca> wrote:
>>>>> FYI, here is my official request proposal to Apache. Alex, if you
>>>>> would
>>>>> be so
>>>>> kind as to forward this on to the folks at Apache that would be
>>>>> greatly
>>>>> appreciated.
>>>>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>> --
>>>>> January 3, 2014
>>>>> To Who It May Concern,
>>>>> My name is Joseph Balderson, and I am a professional ActionScript 3.0
>>>>> developer
>>>>> of 13 years, and a specialist Flex developer for 8 years now as of
>>>>> January 2014.
>>>>> I have been, in my professional life as an ActionScript developer, an
>>>>> Adobe-certified Trainer, a teacher of Flash programming at Humber
>>>>> College
>>>>> in
>>>>> Toronto, a speaker at user groups, and a professional tech writer. I
>>>>> have
>>>>> tech
>>>>> edited a number of books by Peachpit, Friends of Ed and O'Reilly, and
>>>>> in
>>>>> 2009 I
>>>>> lead a 6-person team to write a 1400-page book Professional Adobe
>>>>> Flex 3
>>>>> by Wrox
>>>>> Publishing, rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
>>>>> With the migration of the Flex framework from Adobe to Apache, good
>>>>> internet
>>>>> resources for Flex have fallen through the cracks, namely Tour De
>>>>> Flex and
>>>>> flexexamples.com, both of which have functioned as essential
>>>>> micro-tutorial
>>>>> resources for the beginner, a quick reference for the more experienced
>>>>> programmer, and visibility on its use to managers and stakeholders.
>>>>> These
>>>>> two
>>>>> resources have yet to be migrated/updated to Apache Flex.
>>>>> Thus, seeing a need in the programming community, and wanting to help
>>>>> restore
>>>>> and promote the adoption of Flex for its own sake, I have purchased
>>>>> the
>>>>> domain
>>>>> apacheflexexamples.com, with the intention of turning it into a
>>>>> micro-tutorial
>>>>> site with the same purpose and intent of the former flexexamples.com.
>>>>> (An
>>>>> archive of the site as it existed prior to Flex's migration from
>>>>> Adobe to
>>>>> Apache
>>>>> in 2012 can be seen here:
>>>>> https://web.archive.org/web/20111010030748/http://blog.flexexamples.com
>>>>> /
>>>>> ).
>>>>> To be specific, the purpose and features of apacheflexexamples.com
>>>>> will
>>>>> include:
>>>>> 1) provide blog-like micro-tutorials;
>>>>> 2) will be administrated and authored by myself, Joseph Balderson
>>>>> 3) tutorials will be short, on average "single page", thus no code
>>>>> repository or
>>>>> downloads of any kind will be necessary;
>>>>> 4) where possible the most recent version of Apache Flex will be used
>>>>> and
>>>>> indicated;
>>>>> 5) an average of one post per business day will be issued on the site;
>>>>> 6) commenting will be disabled, and users will be encouraged to
>>>>> discuss
>>>>> the
>>>>> tutorials on the official users@flex.apache.org list;
>>>>> 7) an email address will be set up where users can contact the
>>>>> administrator
>>>>> (me) for the specific purpose of pointing out typos or problems
>>>>> specific
>>>>> to the
>>>>> examples which are non-specific to Flex framework errata issues;
>>>>> 8) a resource/"blogroll" list of resource links will be situated in a
>>>>> prominent
>>>>> location in the left or right column so as to help users refer to
>>>>> official
>>>>> Apache Flex resources;
>>>>> 9) if desired, to avoid confusion with official Apache websites, a
>>>>> disclaimer
>>>>> similar to what is currently used in book titles and other
>>>>> publications
>>>>> will be
>>>>> indicated at the top of every page, "Apache, Apache Flex, and Flex are
>>>>> trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. Used with permission. No
>>>>> endorsement by The Apache Software Foundation is implied by the use of
>>>>> these marks."
>>>>> 10) no personal promotions (other than an author credit on my part),
>>>>> nor
>>>>> any
>>>>> product reviews, endorsements or sales of any kind will be permitted
>>>>> on
>>>>> the
>>>>> site: it is strictly for micro-tutorials pertaining to the Apache Flex
>>>>> framework. (See the flexexamples.com archive as an example)
>>>>> In addition, if there comes a time when I am no longer willing or
>>>>> able to
>>>>> administer the site or keep up a reasonable posting frequency, I will
>>>>> commit in
>>>>> writing to donating the domain and the site administration to the
>>>>> Apache
>>>>> Flex group.
>>>>> The aim is to have a few dozen examples blogged and ready to go prior
>>>>> to
>>>>> launch
>>>>> sometime in February of 2014. A private beta will be issued, to be
>>>>> reviewed by
>>>>> the Apache Flex development team (and the legal department at Apache
>>>>> if
>>>>> such is
>>>>> desired) to ensure everyone concerned is satisfied with the end result
>>>>> prior to
>>>>> launch. Once the site is launched, posting frequency will be as
>>>>> indicated
>>>>> above.
>>>>> All this to say that I am very vested and interested in conserving the
>>>>> quality
>>>>> and integrity of the Apache Flex name. And in order to help increase
>>>>> positive
>>>>> adoption of Apache Flex usage, I have purchased this domain with the
>>>>> intent of
>>>>> continuing on the work of the esteemed former Adobe employee Peter
>>>>> DeHaan
>>>>> at
>>>>> flexexamples.com with a new site. In the spirit of this intent, I
>>>>> humbly
>>>>> request
>>>>> your permission to use the Apache trademark in the domain name
>>>>> apacheflexexamples.com.
>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>> Joseph Balderson
>>>>> Flex Developer & Tech Writer
>>>>> http://www.joeflash.ca
>>>>> http://www.linkedin.com/in/joeflash
>>>>> http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book

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