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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex Examples
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2013 17:15:31 GMT
Hi Joe,

It is great that you want to create a site of updated tutorials, and it
looks like you found the right branding info on the Apache site, but I
have some concerns.  The domain name apacheflexexamples.com does not pass
the "confusion" test for me.  Apache Flex does and will have some set of
samples/examples.  TourDeFlex is being donated including the online
version of TourDeFlex that doesn't have the mobile examples that will
probably be hosted from flex.apache.org.

For sure, we want tons of folks blogging examples from their own websites,
and there are plenty of web sites that have "flex" in the domain name,
including my new blog at flexcloset.wordpress.com, but for me it is the
use of "Apache Flex" in the domain name that causes the confusion.  In my
mind, unless the domain name clearly differentiates the source of the
information, I would expect all domains with "apacheflex" in them that
involve stuff that the Apache Flex project is likely to produce to be
governed by the Apache Flex project.  In fact, we recently found some
folks using apacheflex.com and asked them to redirect that to
flex.apache.org and are looking to transfer that domain ownership.

When we were donating the Flex trademark to Apache, it was discussed that
it was a "weak" mark in that Adobe did not enforce the trademark and let
lots of folks use flex in their domain names without requiring permission
and disclaimers etc, but for Apache, the value of the mark is much more
important.  Thus the rules for using flex-related domain names is more
strict than it used to be.

Therefore, I'm not sure the Apache VP of Branding would approve domains
like apacheflexdoc, apacheflexsourcecode, apacheflexreleases, etc.  Or
even flexdoc, flexsourcecode, or any new uses of flexexamples.  The
project does or will produce documentation, source code, releases,
samples/examples, tutorials, etc.  But there is a better chance someone
could get approval for apacheflexfan, apacheflexisawesome, etc,  (which I
did for flexcloset).  Or joeapacheflex.ca.

Once you do settle on a domain name with the Apache VP of Branding,
because your site will have the disclaimers in place, you actually won't
need our review before rolling out new tutorials.  I suppose we will have
to remember to visit every once in a while to make sure the disclaimers
are still in place.

Also, Apache Flex does have a blog and we would certainly encourage anyone
with the time and energy to blog examples there.

So IMO, +1 on you becoming the new Peter Dehaan.  Bonus points if you want
to do it at Apache.  A -1 on using apacheflexexamples.com as the domain
name.  But I expect you can get approval for something else


On 12/31/13 2:05 AM, "Joseph Balderson" <news@joeflash.ca> wrote:

>The way to look at it is, I'm trying to carry on the work done by Peter
>with flexexamples.com. AFAIK, the Apache Flex site does not have a blog
>specific to coding tutorials, which this "micro tutorial" format
>requires. Since
>they will be more or less single file coding tutorials, no repository
>will be
>necessary. Longer more complex examples and tutorials would be listed on
>personal tech blog (which I'm going to completely revamp in the new year).
>And besides, you guys have more than enough on your plate just updating
>framework itself. My participatory inclinations lie more towards
>publishing and
>blogging, so I am happy to take full responsibility for
>(which is why I purchased the domain). Look at it as a fan-based tutorial
>rather than an official publication. Some improvements from Peter's site
>will be
>made, such as indicating the version of the framework used, and I'll be
>back every once and a while to make sure old examples work with newer
>If you guys wanted to include some of the future examples on the site
>into the
>Apache Flex documentation itself, similar to how Adobe used to put links
>to Flex
>examples in the ASdocs, that would be great. But I think it's important
>to have
>a separate, indexable, searchable, blog-style listing of micro tutorials
>Apache Flex.
>If at some later date the Apache Flex team were to designate a
>exclusively for tutorials and related publications, I might consider
>the site's governance to the group, but for now I think it best it remain
>as a
>"fan site".
>I guess what I was asking is what approvals do I need to get from Apache
>to use
>the Apache name, and it has been answered here:
>I was thinking, as a courtesy, that I would launch a private "beta" of
>the site
>to elicit feedback from the flex team, and then the site would be
>launched only
>once everyone is comfortable that it does sufficient justice to the work
>done at Apache Flex.
>Any further suggestions by the Apache Flex team would be welcome.
>Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
>Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book
>Justin Mclean wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Not to discourage you from anything, but it's suggest that that sort of
>>content went on the Apache Flex site or wiki. That way there's no
>>trademark issues, the code is correctly licensed, it can use use Apache
>>infrastructure and anyone can contribute to it. Unless you think there a
>>good reason to not do so?
>> Thanks,
>> Justin

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