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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Installer Revisited
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2013 22:25:38 GMT

I've checked in enough stuff into flex-utilities/ant_on_air to try to
build out SDK installation in Ant.  My plan is to create an ant script
that does what the current installer does, make sure it works in Ant, then
try to get it to work in ant_on_air.

Of course, that will be a bit ugly since Ant only supports a simple prompt
to get license acceptance.  But once that works, then I'll create a custom
task that populates the licensing dialog in the installer.

Meanwhile, I've been pondering what the workflow should really be the
release manager and for installer users and am interested in what others
think.  Right now my understanding is that we post an xml file on the
flex.apache.org website that lists the versions of Apache Flex that are
available for install, and the logic for installing is in the Installer

With ant_on_air, we have the opportunity to move the install logic to a
separate script.  The Installer code would then only do things that are
far less-likely to change, like manage a licensing dialog box, show a
progress bar, offer a set of choices, and via ant_on_air, download files,
copy files, etc.

That sort of makes me want to bundle the install script into the release
packages instead of having to manage what will become a growing pile of
separate scripts as we create scripts for falcon-only installation,
FlexJS, and the current SDK.

If we do that, the installer would be given a list of convenience binary
packages which have a build.xml in them with a "installForIDE" target.
The user picks a binary package, and the installer downloads the package,
validates it, expands it, and runs the installForIDE target on the
build.xml it finds in the package via ant_on_air.

A model that is more similar to what the installer does now is that the
installer has a list of scripts it knows how to run and simply launches
ant_on_air on that script which downloads the binary package, validates
it, expands it, etc.  But if we do that, where should these scripts live
in our repo?  It feels funny to take them from the sdk or asjs repo and
not have them go in the release packages.  Should they live in the
installer repo?


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