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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Donation News
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 20:10:48 GMT
The FXG spec is here [1]

Why do we need to donate it?



On 12/2/13 11:39 AM, "OmPrakash Muppirala" <bigosmallm@gmail.com> wrote:

>On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Gordon Smith <gosmith@adobe.com> wrote:
>> The spec I wrote is for MXML 2006 and MXML 2009 (with various sections
>> remaining incomplete) and it also contains proposals for a new dialect
>> fix various inconsistencies. It doesn't cover MXMLG/FXG, but I think
>> had a spec for that and maybe Alex could arrange for it to be donated as
>> well.
>Thanks for the info, Gordon.  I have been asking for the MXMLG/FXG spec
>a while now.  So, if that is something that could be donated, it will be
>a big help for the FlexJS project.
>Alex, my intention is to write an XSLT translator to make MXMLG/FXG and
>to seamlessly work together.  I have the beginnings of such an XSLT
>available here [1] and a basic example here[2]
>But if we have a programatic spec for FXG available, I can plug it in into
>a tool like Altova MapForce [3] to automatically generate an XSLT for FXG
><-> SVG conversion.  This would speed up things a lot and makes visual
>fidelity matching between Flash and HTML5 apps that much closer.
>[2] http://people.apache.org/~bigosmallm/fxg2svg/svg.html
>[3] http://www.altova.com/mapforce.html
>> - Gordon
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>> From: Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com]
>> Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2013 12:00 AM
>> To: dev@flex.apache.org
>> Subject: Re: Donation News
>> On 11/27/13 11:55 PM, "OmPrakash Muppirala" <bigosmallm@gmail.com>
>> >Alex,
>> >
>> >What a great news, right in time for Thanksgiving!  Thanks for getting
>> >this through.
>> It isn't "through" yet.  It just means that I've pulled out all the
>> un-donatable stuff I could find and now it is time for Adobe Legal and
>> others to review it.
>> >
>> >What format is the MXML spec in?
>> MS Word.
>> >Does it include MXMLG/FXG?
>> Not sure.  Gordon wrote it.
>> -Alex

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