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From Carlos Rovira <carlos.rov...@codeoscopic.com>
Subject Re: New Flex MaskedTextInput Spark Component
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 23:50:25 GMT

@Erik, @Maurice, thanks for your kindly words :), this encourages me to
commit the component :)

@Lee, I  must confess that my development is focused on browser so I didn't
take StageText into account, but as this is a spark TextInput extension, I
think it should work, since it mainly uses two listeners to play with
TextEvent and TextOperationEvent. Hope you could help me to test in a
mobile device and see if we need to tweak something to make it work or if
it works with the actual approach.

@Harbs: You're right, as this is a first draft, it only support one
separator, so we need to update to more than one to make it work as you
expect. It's the next on the list, but I think I'll commit first the actual
version and then we can update it to get this feature.

@Maxime, very helpful comments, it throws many ideas and experience. If you
want to share your code it would be good, but your experience with this
stuff is already valuable to update this component. I'll take your
recommendations into account to make further enhancements as the one
commented before for multiple separators or the kind of multiple
placeholders you suggest.
As you did, I already has a r:DateField (r is the namespace in my framework
Riality) that is basically a mx:DateField with a spark TextInput and a mask
logic similar to this component. I'd like to get a spark DateField some
day, but I think the focus on spark DateField is more based on flash
globalization capabilities than this usability enhancements. But it would
be a great addition to the actual unique mx:DateField option to start a
s:Datefield official component that use a TextInput component like this ;)

@Justin, I'll check your comments to see how we can take into account all
this things, but I'm afraid that this initial component is not as
smart..maybe with the time and your help we can build such versatile
maskedtextinput component.

So taking into account that the component is wanted, could you guys point
me to the place where I could make a first commit? it will consist of the
AS3 class, the basic skin and some CSS styles.

Thanks again for your feedback and hope that we could enhance this
component to make it better with the comments shared in this thread.



2013/12/9 Justin Mclean <justin@classsoftware.com>

> Hi,
> > - there was a list of possible separators
> The mx:DateFormatter validator does this (see parseDateString), you might
> want to take a look at how it does it. Also you might want to consider how
> to mask for currency ($ + , + .) and non english dates with multiple
> separators (eg Japanese date are usually written 2008年12月31日).
> Also perhaps a nice addition would be able to use a RegEx for masking as
> you type? Or provide a hook for custom checking like the extraValidation
> property of the PostCodeValidator.
> Thanks,
> Justin

Carlos Rovira
Director de Tecnología
M: +34 607 22 60 05
F:  +34 912 94 80 80

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