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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Air Stage Text Issue
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 05:12:08 GMT

On 11/16/13 4:52 PM, "Maurice Amsellem" <maurice.amsellem@systar.com>

>>Suppose you have a TextInput that scrolls so all but the top 10 pixels
>>are visible.  Are you going to show the bitmap or the StageText when
>>they give it focus?  I think you have to show the >StageText in which
>>case it will float over the top and look bad. Same if there is a
>>floating dialog or icon that partially obscures the TextInput when it
>>has focus.
>Got it, thanks for the explanations.
>For point #1 (TI scrolled to top):
>- One possibility would be to prevent editing when text in partially
>- Another would be to scroll it back to view, so that it's not obscured
Neither of these proposed solutions are 'perfect'.  They will cause some
grumbling from users, questions on the forums, etc.  At Adobe, that would
often cause us to pull the plug on doing something.  That doesn't have to
be true at Apache Flex.  Especially if you can encapsulate your proposed
solutions in a skin class, folks can try it, and choose something else if
they don't like it.  That's why FlexJS is trying to plug-ins throughout
the framework:  you can swap out things you don't like for things that
might better meet your needs.

>For point #2 ( TI partially obscured by floating component):
>- I think it should be possible to detect that the text is occluded, and
>prevent editing in this case.
Again, not a 'perfect' solution.  It could be the last pixel of a
dropshadow of a floating spell-check dialog that then blocks editing.  Or
some fuzz on the focus ring itself.  IMO, if you want to code up some
attempts for folks to try, by all means do so.

BTW, you didn't ask about the text selection, but that is also a concern.
Let's say you scroll and the top-most row of pixels of a TextInput is now
clipped. How do you let someone touch and drag to select some text?

Anyway, good luck and have fun if that's what you want to pursue.  I'm
hoping that FlexJS output through Cordova will turn out to be viable and
skip around these sorts of fidelity issues.


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