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From Maurice Amsellem <maurice.amsel...@systar.com>
Subject RE: Air Stage Text Issue
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 18:31:52 GMT

FYI,  I have tried the ExtendedStageTextInputSkin and it does not solve at all the scrolling

- Simple code to show the issue below:
- Run the app even in the ADL, and scroll the Form:  the TextInput stays in place.

Can you confirm the behavior on your side ?

   <s:Scroller height="100%" width="100%" horizontalScrollPolicy="off">
            <s:Form height="100%">
                <s:FormItem label="Label">
                    <s:Label height="300" text="BEFORE"/>
                <s:FormItem label="TextInput with default Skin and softkeyboard=number">
                   <s:TextInput id="ti1" width="100%" text="TEXT1" skinClass="skins.ExtendedStageTextInputSkin"/>
                <s:FormItem label="Label">
                    <s:Label height="800" text="AFTER"/>

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De : Maurice Amsellem [mailto:maurice.amsellem@systar.com] 
Envoyé : dimanche 17 novembre 2013 18:34
À : dev@flex.apache.org
Objet : RE: Air Stage Text Issue

Ok, thanks.
I am too advanced now in my implementation to drop everything and use your code instead, but
I will keep it in case  I get into a deadlock.
And of course, I will use it as a reference implementation.

>It is not a perfect solution, but for the subset of scenarios that this current client
cared about, it seems to work.
Can you please detail some use cases where it does not work (apart from the occluding stuff).
That could also help me since I am taking almost the same approach.


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De : Flexicious.com [mailto:flexicious@gmail.com] Envoyé : dimanche 17 novembre 2013 18:28
À : dev@flex.apache.org Objet : Re: Air Stage Text Issue

Yes, it seems to work on iPad 2/3/4 as well as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 . Have not tested on phones,
but doubt it should be different. It is not a perfect solution, but for the subset of scenarios
that this current client cared about, it seems to work.

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 12:08 PM, Maurice Amsellem < maurice.amsellem@systar.com> wrote:

> Thank you Mr. Flexicious  for the code :-)
> I am taking pretty much the same approach, expect that I have 
> encapsulated StageText and ImageProxy in its own class, like in StyleableStageText.
> That way, it can be reused in TextAreaStageSkin as well.
> There is something I don't understand in your implementation:
> StyleableStageText implementation is very complex, because the 
> StageText which is always displayed, does not belong to the DL, while 
> the proxyImage is displayed only in some situations (throw effect 
> after scroll and nested popups).
> I tried to tweak it like you did, and abandoned, because the approach 
> we are taking ( proxyimage displayed by default, and stage text when
> editing) is antagonist to the one implemented in SST, and the tweaking 
> code was actually more complex that rewriting everything from scratch.
> So I am rather surprized that you managed to conciliate both and that 
> the resulting code is so simple.
> Don't you have some side effects ?  does it work on Android as well?
> Maurice
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> De : Flexicious.com [mailto:flexicious@gmail.com] Envoyé : dimanche 17 
> novembre 2013 17:31 À : dev@flex.apache.org Objet : Re: Air Stage Text 
> Issue
> For what its worth, we have a skin that solves the issue atleast for 
> our scenarios.
> http://blog.flexicious.com/post/Scrolling-Issues-With-TextInput-for-Fl
> ex-Air-Mobile-Native-StageText.aspx
> .
> It may not be the best workaround, but its better than what we had. 
> For us, it was not only scrolling, but things like dropdowns and date 
> pickers (which we also skinned for mobile) appeared underneath the stage text.
> On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 10:29 AM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > On 11/17/13 2:59 AM, "Maurice Amsellem" 
> > <maurice.amsellem@systar.com>
> > wrote:
> >
> > >>What I am saying to myself to get some motivation to go ahead, is 
> > >>that the "partial occluding" issue could be solved by modifying 
> > >>the application code, so that nothing comes in the way
> > >Of the edited text.
> > And note that, in most cases, the next best solution is to modify 
> > the application code so that scrolling is not needed.  Just have 
> > more screens that you can swipe between.  That kind of modification 
> > might be better than trying to implement code that makes sure text 
> > inputs don't get partially clipped.
> > >
> > >But I know that it won't prevent people from coming to this forum 
> > >(because the other Flex fora are not active) and calling us names 
> > >:-(
> > Well, they are already complaining, so I doubt things will get worse.
> >
> > -Alex
> >
> >

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