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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Apache Flex 4.11.0 RC 1
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 05:24:19 GMT

Thanks for voting +1 Alex, but there has to be something wrong with it, it would be unusual
for first RC to pass :-)

I need to look at the mobile skins in a little more detail and may actually vote -1 depending
on what that turns up. The mobile DPI test pass which is a start.

As we're not had a huge amount of feedback or votes on the RC I think it would be best to
hold it open for a day or two (not that it has 3 +1 votes yet anyway). There's at least 3
or 4 people who show intention of voting and I also like to see some non PMC people vote on

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