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From Maurice Amsellem <maurice.amsel...@systar.com>
Subject RE:iOS 7 Flex 4.10 AIR 3.9.1030 - Status bar overlays action bar
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2013 20:54:03 GMT

Hi, This is obviously not a Flex bug but related to AIR and iOs 7

Didi you try the workaround that is described in the adobe forum ? 

 Info.plist   "UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance" and set it to "NO" ...


De : Frank Altomare [lostirc@gmail.com]
Envoyé : vendredi 18 octobre 2013 22:36
À : flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
Objet : iOS 7 Flex 4.10 AIR 3.9.1030 - Status bar overlays action bar

Hey everyone,

I've seen a couple of posts related to this floating around on the Adobe
forums but they seem to be talking about the AIR 3.9 beta so I'm wondering
if this is a Flex related issue.

In my iOS app after upgrading to Flex 4.10 and AIR 3.9.1030 (release
version) the iOS status bar now overlays my Flex ActionBar. This issue can
be fixed by adding some padding to the top of my ActionBar skin but this is
obviously a less than ideal solution.

I was just wondering if any one else has come across this issue, it seems
like it could either be a bug in Flex or something in AIR 3.9. I was
planning on taking a look inside the SDK and seeing if I can't implement a
fix on that level if it turns out to be a Flex specific issue.


Francis Altomare,
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