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From Maurice Amsellem <maurice.amsel...@systar.com>
Subject RE: describeType still used in many places in SDK
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 18:44:04 GMT
describeTypeJSON has access control flags:

For the tests, I have using all the flags, to be equivalent with former describeType.

So it could be even better if you only need some of the reflection info...


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De : Maurice Amsellem [mailto:maurice.amsellem@systar.com] 
Envoyé : jeudi 10 octobre 2013 20:37
À : dev@flex.apache.org
Objet : RE: describeType still used in many places in SDK

(EDITED: added new lines):

I just did some benchmarks on UI and non UI classes (run several times each test, the results
are consistent) :

[trace] [Chrono: [class Button] descripeType x1000] duration= 11.123 s 

[trace] [Chrono: [class Label] descripeType x1000] duration= 12.064 s 

[trace] [Chrono: [class EntityMosaic] descripeType x1000] duration= 1.776 s 

[trace] [Chrono: [class ApplicationViewBase_P] descripeType x1000] duration= 13.977 s


[trace] [Chrono: [class Button] descripeTypeJSON x1000] duration= 3.449 s 

[trace] [Chrono: [class Label] descripeTypeJSON x1000] duration= 3.686 s 

[trace] [Chrono: [class EntityMosaic] descripeTypeJSON x1000] duration= 0.486 s 

[trace] [Chrono: [class ApplicationViewBase_P] descripeTypeJSON x1000] duration= 4.033 s

So descripeTypeJSON is roughly 3.5 time faster.

I think the optimization is worth it, especially on UI classes reflection. 


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De : Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com] Envoyé : jeudi 10 octobre 2013 19:49 À : dev@flex.apache.org
Objet : Re: describeType still used in many places in SDK

I wouldn't bother.

On 10/10/13 10:44 AM, "Maurice Amsellem" <maurice.amsellem@systar.com>

>That may sound like a dumb question, but since Apache Flex only 
>supports FP 10.2 and beyond, do we even need to make the check for 10.1 ?
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>De : Michael A. Labriola [mailto:labriola@digitalprimates.net]
>Envoyé : jeudi 10 octobre 2013 19:14
>À : dev@flex.apache.org
>Objet : RE: describeType still used in many places in SDK
>>Before we switch to it, we have to be absolutely sure of when it was 
>>first supported.  I wouldn't want to break our Flash version 
>>compatibility range.  But otherwise, I have no objections if you want 
>>to switch to it.
>If it helps, in my code, I am checking for FP10.1 or higher which is 
>when I switch to describeTypeJSON instead of the original. It's in 
>There is a bug filed for Tamarin in BugZilla to have in documented as 
>of 3/21/2011. [1]
>[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=643455

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