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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject [FALCON] Convert MXMLPropertySpecifierNode to Binding
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 18:13:02 GMT
Darrell, Gordon (mostly),

I'm having trouble with the codegen for a Binding destination function.  I
have an MXMLPropertySpecifierNode for the property to be set.  This
property can be protected or private as well as public.  I want to use the
OP_setproperty instruction which seems to take a Name.  However, the
MXMLPropertySpecifierNode's getName() returns a Name that isn't qualified
as protected or private.  In looking around, I see that other code that
uses OP_setproperty seems to have a Binding and the getName() of that
Binding is used.

I passed in the LexicalScope from the class and called getBinding on the
MXMLPropertySpecifierNode's getDefinition() and that worked for protected
and private members of the class, but what I'm seeing is that if the
public variable is [Bindable] and comes from a class in a SWC then the
MXMLPropertySpecifierNode has a VariableDefinition (instead of a
SynthesizedBindableSetterDefinition) and getBinding returns a binding with
the namespace set to the BindableNamespace instead of a public setter.

I'm wondering if the MXMLPropertySpecifierNode's definition should be
something other than a VariableDefinition when coming from a SWC, or the
code should somehow special case that VariableDefinition and go hunting
for a SetterDefinition, or something else.


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