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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FALCON] Should Falcon compile older SDKs?
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 03:51:35 GMT

On 9/17/13 5:12 PM, "Justin Mclean" <justin@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>> If Erik doesn't want to upgrade to 4.11, he can add a <theme> tag to
>>his SDK's
>> air-config.xml.  Are we ok with that?
>-1 to that, sorry but it's just going to confuse people.
Seems like the options are (at least):
1) The release notes say that Falcon only works with 4.11 and greater so
'too bad' if you try against an older SDK
2) Hard-code Spark as the default theme
3) Have Falcon report an warning if no theme is found in any config file.
4) Have Falcon inject a theme into air-config.xml if it is missing
5) Have a Falcon installer inject a theme into air-config.xml.

#1 is the least work, but my second choice would be #3.

>> My internal customer's app specifies a long list of locales, including
>> en_GB.  But they don't have custom resource bundles for en_GB because
>> MXMLC will swap in the en_US bundle when it can't find a bundle for
>A better solution would be to have an "en" locale, and then specify
>changes in "en_US", "en_GB", "en_AU" etc as required. If there no "en_GB"
>then it falls back to "en".
Does the SDK do this today?
>> I'm going to change the ResourceManager to ignore missing bundles
>>because the lookup mechanism
>> doesn't need it.
>-1 to that. It does need it, if there no fallback locale in the chain
>then error strings, UI elements, etc etc can be blank.
But Falcon reports a warning.  Why isn't that sufficient or even better?
At least with Falcon you'll find out that you don't have a bundle for a
locale.  MXMLC just copies a default.  You could have misspelled a bundle
name and not know it until runtime.   Neither compiler checks the contents
of the bundle to find out if a particular resource exists in the bundle so
other misspelling can result in blanks.  Plus it seems like it provides
more flexibility because you can load some resources later instead of at
startup time.

I suppose we could add more logic to throw if there is no bundle in any of
the locales if others think the compiler warning won't be sufficient.


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