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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [FALCON] Should Falcon compile older SDKs?
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 04:21:29 GMT

> Seems like the options are (at least):
> 1) The release notes say that Falcon only works with 4.11 and greater so
> 'too bad' if you try against an older SDK
> 2) Hard-code Spark as the default theme
> 3) Have Falcon report an warning if no theme is found in any config file.
> 4) Have Falcon inject a theme into air-config.xml if it is missing
> 5) Have a Falcon installer inject a theme into air-config.xml.
> #1 is the least work, but my second choice would be #3.

1 is going to disappoint a lot of people (IMO), they will want to use the falcon compiler
as a drop in replacement and wont understand why it's married to a version of the SDK and
2 is going to stop it working out of the box with any existing AIR project, it's a small change
sure but better to not have to make everyone make that change for all projects if possible.

Why not go with spark as a default (if required) if it not configured via a command line option
or in the config file?

I assume there are going to be people who want to compile pure AS with Falcon how with that
effect them?

>> A better solution would be to have an "en" locale, and then specify
>> changes in "en_US", "en_GB", "en_AU" etc as required. If there no "en_GB"
>> then it falls back to "en".
> Does the SDK do this today?

No but it wouldn't be hard to do and something I thought about for a while. Several other
platforms handle things this way eg Android.

It would also make maintaing the en (and fr and pt) groups of resources much much easier.

> But Falcon reports a warning.  Why isn't that sufficient or even better?
A warning is good. Why do you need to change the SDK's ResourceManager?

> At least with Falcon you'll find out that you don't have a bundle for a locale.  MXMLC
just copies a default.  
It fails to compile if the locale is missing..

>  Neither compiler checks the contents of the bundle to find out if a particular resource
exists in the bundle so
> other misspelling can result in blanks.
Bundles can be modified at runtime so probably be hard to do that.

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