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From Maurice Amsellem <maurice.amsel...@systar.com>
Subject RE: [VOTE][LAZY] Accept donation of Systar DataGrid for Mobile Applications
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 00:15:14 GMT
If you are going to review the code I sent you, I think some comments could be helpful:

1) I didn't use invalidateProperties() / commitProperties, to set MobileDataGrid properties
(too lazy?).  I will fix that.

2)  240 and 480 DPI assets are missing. I will add them.

3) the key class is ListMultiPartItemRenderer which is responsible of rendering a single row
of the MDG.
it maintains two vectors :
- partRendererDescriptors (actually the datagrid columns)
- partRenderers : vector of "lightweight" sub-renderers, that will render the cells of each

Typical implementation of these light sub-renderers inherit from low-level mobile-savvy components
such as StyleableTextField for text or BitmapAsset for embedded icons.

4) the layout of the components inside the multi-part renderer is delegated to a separate
layout class (inspired from spark architecture). Maybe that's overkill.

5) The interface IPartRendererDescriptor could seem like useless.  It's because I am using
the same mechanim for other mobile components. 
Typically  Colored Tiles, displaying several lines of text or icons.
In this case, each partRendererDescriptors would describe a line in the tile.
And the layout would be vertical rather than tabbed  horizontal.

If that's of no use for Flex, maybe I could remove the interfaces, and get something more



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Can we have access to the source code. I'm not against it's inclusion but it would be nice
to have the full picture.


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