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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex showcase
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2013 16:16:15 GMT
Hi Swen,

IMO, examples are separate from a showcase.  If you want to create
examples of how to do things, having your own blog is great and maybe we
can link to it on our site.  We will probably build up a set of examples
for our getting started pages and we will need a new set for FlexJS, but
those examples will hopefully be reviewed before publication.  If you want
to submit those kinds of examples, adding them to a JIRA issue would be
great as well.

A showcase, IMO, is different.  It is a list of medium to large
applications that companies are willing to say are in production and
saving them time and money.  IOW, testimonials.  A key problem in the
Adobe days was that all of these showcase apps ran behind corporate
firewalls so you could only show a screenshot and describe the app.  I'm
hoping we'll find more showcase apps that folks can touch and try from the
showcase web page.  That is certainly one of the FlexJS goals: to lower
the footprint of the app such that it loads fast enough that folks can
build consumer-facing web apps without first-timers taking the RSL or
large SWF download hit.


On 8/16/13 9:06 AM, "Swen van Zanten" <flex@hdsign.nl> wrote:

>I'm willing to make examples but I think there should be a list of the
>examples we want to have.
>Also I don't know how we should show the samples on the website.
>I was thinking of making a sort of kinda like blog-thing for my own.. but
>making it in the name of Apache Flex and publish it on the website is I
>think a better way.
>I think we should do it this way [1] or this way [2]
>[1] http://feathersui.com/examples/
>[2] http://blog.flexexamples.com (if it even works)
>Hoofdstraat 160
>2171 BL, Sassenheim
>Op 16 aug. 2013, om 17:01 heeft Scott Guthmann <scott@on3solutions.com>
>het volgende geschreven:
>>> And:
>>> Someone should review the quality of the provided projects (quality of
>>>provided images, logos, description) to avoid ugly content, or small
>>>projects from some "newbies".
>>> "Newbies" sounds hard, but not the quantity, the quality counts.
>>> When a new developer creates a nice first project and there are 20
>>>user ...
>>> this is great, but to promote this project on the official flex sites
>>>is not so amazing.
>> I think you have misdiagnosed the problem. We don't have *any* Flex
>>apps showcased up on the Apache Flex website at the moment. Nor, do we
>>have a volunteer to get this content written and images placed into HTML
>>or a live app that is available for a user to play with on some page on
>>the site.
>> IMO, the problem is that we lack *someone* doing the work - not that
>>something currently being shown has inadequate quality. Is this issue
>>important enough to you to do something about it?

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