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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: 360|Stack Trip Report
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 21:24:01 GMT

On 8/14/13 2:15 PM, "Jeffry Houser" <jeffry@dot-com-it.com> wrote:

>On 8/14/2013 3:07 PM, Alex Harui wrote:
>> Currently, Apache requires mailing lists.  They are archived and
>> searchable and seem to show up in google searches.
>> I suppose we could have a discussion forum that echoes everything to the
>> mailing list.
>  I wonder how we create a "Web interface" to this list?  It sounds
>possible, but I'm not sure if it sounds easy. :-)

I do virtually all of my forum work via email, so for me, I can't really
think of any differences between the forums and this mailing list.  I go
look at the archives for the mailing list about as often as I went to the
web interfaces of the forums and they also seem the same to me, but maybe
I'm missing some feature of the forums that I don't use. I often end up
using both archives since one is better at thread views than the other.

I suppose one feature of forums is inline graphics which the Apache
text-only mailing lists don't handle, but as far as managing traffic so
folks can follow the highlights better, it isn't obvious to me how forums
would be better.

Maybe the archives have a web service that we could build a Flex app to


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