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From "Sugan Naicker" <Su...@Dev-X.co.za>
Subject RE: Apache Flex 4.10.0 RC4-Spark Datagrid issue-JIRA Logged
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 20:35:52 GMT

Created JIRA and uploaded a mobile test case.


I still need to check out if the web & desktop version does the same.



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From: Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com] 
Sent: 01 August 2013 06:22 PM
To: dev@flex.apache.org
Subject: Re: Apache Flex 4.10.0 RC4-Spark Datagrid issue

Please file a bug in JIRA with a small test case.  Does this only happen in
mobile?  Only on the device?  Or does a simple web or desktop app also have
this problem?

On 8/1/13 9:05 AM, "Sugan Naicker" <Sugan@Dev-X.co.za> wrote:

>Issue :  (OS  : Win 7 ,  SDK: 4.10.0, Air   : 3.8)
>I have a Flex Mobile app with a Spark Datagrid. When the datagrid is 
>populated, the app :
>1) Allows you to 'only' select half of items on the datagrid, the rest 
>are not selectable.
>2) If you click on the column headers, only the first 2 columns when 
>clicked performs a sort/or is selectable.
>I reverted to SDK 4.9.1 with Air 3.4 and I can select 'all' items in 
>the datagrid + click on any header and the grid will sort.

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