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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Flex mobile performance - Question on itemRenderers
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:42:46 GMT

On 7/19/13 1:28 AM, "Christian Kiefer" <christian.kiefer@goal-games.de>

>I will see if the profiler tells me something... and if
>fxg-optimisations will help... as they have unnecessary levels of
>neseted groups inside.
You can dig into the renderer in the debugger and see how many display
objects are inside of the fxg images.  I use the FB expressions window to
evaluate expressions like "this.numChildren", "this.getChildAt(0)",
"this.getChildAt(0).numChildren", etc.

>And I will test if turning off  virtualisation will help (as it is a
>list with max. 24 renderers)... Thanks...
If the max is 24, turning off virtualization has a very good chance of
solving your issue.
>Turning of cacheAsBitmap can help? Really?
CacheAsBitmap has some interesting performance implications.  Sometimes it
is better to use it and sometimes, it is better to not use it.

>And an mxml item renderer can
>improve performance?
MXML rarely outperforms good AS code.

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