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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] Doing some refactoring
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 00:13:59 GMT

On 7/16/13 4:51 PM, "Carlos Rovira" <carlos.rovira@codeoscopic.com> wrote:

>That would be right if huge applications where created in a consistent and
>homogeneous way during all "development life". If the app is tiny there's
>more opportunities that experienced programers make a good work and code
>the overall.
>When the app, the team, the code grows over years, more difficult is to
>something in that way. For example, we have a product started in Flex 4
>alpha, back in 2009. We started with a framework and API that was not
>finished, we had less experience than we had today, experiment and learn
>lots of things in this 4/5 years. To get all this knowledge in our app, we
>need to invest time to upgrade different pieces at different time. Today
>continue evolving the code base, to simplify old code, readapt, to new
>practices incorporated, and so on, through all codebase, trying to not
>break things. This is a huge task not all people and companies want to
>perform...take into account that this is a project with 160+ projects (80+
>flex), so changes and improvements in all code base could take a year to
>reach all modules.
>To rewrite this kind huge product in FlexJS...I think one day we could get
>it possible, but that implies we continue evolving and preparing our app,
>and converge with FlexJS some time in the future when flexJS would be more
>robust and finished, and event there it would be a monumental task since
>the product still continue growing....
>So it's possible...yes, in theory, but I would love to see how many real
>cases we could get (huge real cases)

Yes, I'm interested in finding folks with huge real cases as well.  The
main question is: to what extent are low-level Flash APIs used in your
app?  I had my internal customer grep their code for "import flash.*".
Most of their imports were for low-level events.  This search will show
you where you used Dictionary.

The harder-to-answer question is about other Flash APIs that aren't
supported easily on JS like weak references and e4x.  You'd have to search
every addEventListener call and find where you used that additional
parameter.  You can search for XMLList and find most places where you used

Then there is the even harder-to-answer question about Flash APIs that are
part of the component API that we got for free from Flash like
useHandCursor or setting filters and blendModes or shaders, and transform

But otherwise, to the extent your app is MXML components glued together
with ActionScript that doesn't rely on these hard-to-mimic things, it will
be interesting to push this code through FalconJX and FlexJS and see where
it falls down.  Lots of APIs from existing Flex components will be
missing, but I hope to see folks contribute these missing pieces over time.

I don't know Parsley or Swiz or the other app frameworks, but I'm
wondering how reliant they were on any of the Flash stuff and if they will
just cross-compile or not.  It'll be fun to find out someday...


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