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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Are we "nerd" driven or "business realistic" driven?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 05:25:13 GMT

On 6/30/13 7:58 PM, "Organet Systems" <organet.my@gmail.com> wrote:

>Thanks Jude for the input!
>> There are a couple of good things about the FlexJS project that may not
>> apparent to us as Flex users. That is, if FlexJS becomes popular
>> (especially to HTML devs) then it brings Flex into a good light. When
>> devs see how they can create great apps with the Flex syntax they're
>> learning and using they'll see they can cross compile to FP and AIR for
>> free. Then, their client says we now want to run that app on mobile.
>> being able to compile to Flash and AIR becomes a valuable asset to them.
>Now I can see the benefits of being able to output Flex in HTML format,
>for better accessibility and attract more developers to use Flex. Like
>what Adobe Flash Professional CC is able to do now to output it in HTML5
>and Dart. Personally, I felt that HTML output should be an OPTION and
>shouldn't be the CORE for Flex dev (Like Flash Pro). Putting Flex dev
>focus on HTML is a great risk, it might end up losing Flex users who love
>FP and AIR (who don't believe HTML and Javascript can do what Flex is
>able to do and go away and look for something else like Feather UI,
>MadCompanents and etc.), just for my personal opinion, I felt that Flex
>dev for HTML should be an option and definitely it's a great option to go
>for, but should not be the core.

What I hope to accomplish with FlexJS is to make a great second-generation
SDK for building FP and AIR apps that can then be compiled to JS/CSS.  If
you can get your users to use FP and AIR then you save a lot of
browser-specific testing, but lots of people don't seem to control over
that decision.  Yes, there will be some API surface trade-offs required to
make your code portable to JS/CSS.  FlexJS won't take advantage of weak
references and dictionaries unless it is part of emulating a browser
built-in.  But if you look at the prototypes so far, you'll see that
FlexJS SWFs can be as small as 20K, don't need RSLs, preloader frames that
can't use Flex widgets, a base class that is 13K lines long, etc.


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