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From jude <flexcapaci...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Are we "nerd" driven or "business realistic" driven?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 01:38:08 GMT
I searched the site and the wiki on donating code and what I found
automatically puts up a barrier between anyone wanting to donate,

*Due to legal reasons, only people who have been elected as committers have
access to update or contribute code directly to the project.*..

Alright, never mind then! I think that could be rephrased or removed. We
want to encourage donations, even if they aren't perfect. We can clean them
up later as we go. That suggests that donations automatically would be
committed to the main branch which isn't the case anyway. There could be an
intermediary area for donations.

We could have a second branch called Flex Plus! that would have all the
candidates and third party add ons. That could be included or downloaded
alongside the main branch. Whatever we do they need to be named Flex Plus!
SuperPack and Flex Ultimate! Extras. :P

Do you have to be committer to get a whiteboard? If not this is another
barrier to entry. For patches to the SDK it's not as important. But for
libraries like the JPEG, PNG Encoders and JSON encoders back before there
were native classes, components, skins, AS3 Commons, FlexUnit, etc. these
are all vital for Flex development.

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 12:39 PM, jude <flexcapacitor@gmail.com> wrote:

> There have been some talk about porting Flex visuals to Starling in the
> past. I have seen Starling demos at our Flash usergroup meetings and I
> would love to see Flex use it. I think it would require the graphics
> classes to be replaced with starling classes. I think Jangaroo does
> something like this when it replaces graphics calls on client JS (Jangaroo
> converts AS to JS including graphics calls). One disadvantage to this is
> the lose of some accessibility. I do care about accessibility but I don't
> think we should not pursue it because it is not accessible. There maybe
> some workarounds that fulfill the requirements for example, we can output
> two SWFs, one based on Starling and one with normal graphic classes. Or
> output an HTML site for accessibility.
> I agree there seems less focus on Flex for FP / AIR. Some areas are
> getting focus such as feature parity of mx components. I think a lot of new
> Spark components are in the 4.10 release (or next release?). I would love
> to see more performance improvements in the next version of Flex. There is
> a lot of warm just in case code that is running. I'd like to improve this
> at some point in the future. For example, if we know an animation does not
> affect child or parent components layout then disable validation on those
> components while an animation is running or take bitmap snapshots of
> components and animate the snapshots (I think something like this is in
> some effect classes).
> There are a couple of good things about the FlexJS project that may not be
> apparent to us as Flex users. That is, if FlexJS becomes popular
> (especially to HTML devs) then it brings Flex into a good light. When HTML
> devs see how they can create great apps with the Flex syntax they're
> learning and using they'll see they can cross compile to FP and AIR for
> free. Then, their client says we now want to run that app on mobile. Then
> being able to compile to Flash and AIR becomes a valuable asset to them.
> I think it has been more difficult than it should for people to donate
> existing code to the project. I think Tink has lots of components but where
> are they? If his stuff isn't in the download what chance do any of us have?

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