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From Erik de Bruin <e...@ixsoftware.nl>
Subject Re: Apache Flex depends on Adobe Flex SDK 4.6.0 to make SDK for IDE
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 08:08:57 GMT

First: thank you for you excellent contribution!

Please keep in mind we're all volunteers and have to work within the
framework Apache.org provides us. While this sometimes limits us, I
think the pros far outweigh the cons. I might be helpful to check what
the possibilities are and discuss your contribution on the list
beforehand, specifically to avoid situations like this. I would love
to have seen you spend those hours on creating a Wiki entry or on an
HTML version for the site, instead of creating a PDF.

That said, your contribution is appreciated and will sure make it's
way into the Apache Flex documentation.



On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 9:46 AM, Terry Corbet <terry.corbet@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is absolutely antediluvian.  An author spends several hours composing a
> document to help you market your product and you can only accept 7-bit
> ASCII.  LibreOffice is a pretty decent open source project that produces a
> world-class result, but they do not give me an Export option to reduce a
> thoughtfully formatted document to a piece of junk.
> They have an option for Mediawiki Text, and here is my work product in that
> format.  I still use VI a lot, so I can read it in VI, but I have no idea
> what you will use.
> ====================================
> <center>FlashDevelop for Flex</center>
> <center>July 25, 2013</center>
> = Background =
> This document is intended to provide a brief description of the use of
> FlashDevelop for Flex/AIR applications. It is offered to the Apache Flex
> community by someone who uses the toolkit, but has no connection with the
> open source project other than making a pittance of a PayPal payment in
> thanks for the help the product has been to my own Flex/AIR development
> projects over these many years. Hopefully other developers will post similar
> guides for whatever IDE they have found most suitable to their work.
> FlashDevelop is used as an IDE for development and test of software destined
> for different platforms, using different languages and frameworks. I don't
> have the demographic facts, but I suppose, just from monitoring the active
> community lists, that the large user base is still heavily biased towards
> the original community of Flash folks, long since expanded into Flex and
> AIR. Flash, Flex and AIR developers will find a strong contingent of cohorts
> who eat, drink and sleep the Adobe development libraries.
> == Download/Install ==
>  Their [http://www.flashdevelop.org/ Home Page]<nowiki> will get you just a
> click away from downloading the current production version [4.4.2 RTM as I
> write this]. </nowiki>The installer menu pretty much tells it all:
> ==== Installation options  ====
> * '''Install Flex SDK''': Download and install the latest Flex SDK.
> * '''Install AIR SDK''': Download and install the latest AIR SDK for Flex
> SDK.
> * '''Install AIR SDK (ASC2)''': Download and install the latest AIR SDK with
> ASC 2.0 compiler.
> * '''Install Flash Player''': Download and install the latest standalone
> Flash Player.
> * '''Install JS Compiler''': Download and install the latest Google Closure
> compiler.
> Personally, I select everything. Yes, everything is quite a lot of megabytes
> coming down the pike, but they have a robust set of servers, so even with my
> lame old 1.5MB ADSL service, I normally see at least 280-300KBs arriving at
> my doorstep and that means the whole thing is done in less than 15 minutes.
> If you don't want to download everything, just the Adobe Flex 4.6 base from
> build <tt>'''23201B'''</tt>, you can drink your cup of coffee a lot quicker
> and start using it in about 5 minutes.
> == Hey, What about Apache Flex? ==
>  Like I said, up front, I don't work for FlashDevelop, so I can't speak for
> them. What I can say is that I am sure that when Apache Flex releases start
> rolling out on a more regular basis, if the user community asks them to
> include the minimum necessary Apache Flex framework, they will happily do
> so. <nowiki>They are real nuts concerning code completion [as you can tell,
> I am not], so I am sure they would wire up their editor to access the files
> necessary to handle code-completion on the latest/greatest Experimental
> Sparc Components.</nowiki>
> As for me, I am perfectly happy with the current integration methodology,
> which could not be simpler. FlashDevelop projects each point to whatever
> Flex/AIR framework they like. I currently happen to have three of those
> laying around and I just open the drop down list of SDKs and select the one
> I want to compile and test against. I have a version of Flex 4.6 with AIR
> 3.8 to which I have made Monkey Patches, so sometimes I need to be pointed
> there. Or, I have a pure version of Flex 4.6 with AIR 3.7 that was produced
> and completely merged by FlashDevelop when I installed the current release
> of their product.
> And I have another framework which <tt>'''Project=>Properties=>SDK'''</tt>
> tells me is known as "Apache Flex 4.10.0 FP11.1 AIR3.7" because that is what
> it says in the required '''flex-sdk-description.xml''' files and that, I
> think, is the only necessary point to be made here. As long as the
> download/install process, whether orchestrated by Apache or by FlashDevop,
> or by you or me using command line tools, results in a valid directory as
> mandated by Flex, the IDE is properly engineered to identify it and use
> whichever <tt>'''swf-version'''</tt> and <tt>'''playerglobal.swc'''</tt>
> need.
> == Hey, What about Falcon? ==
>  Yeah, what about that? FlashDevelop, if you want to just build Flash
> applications rather than Flex/AIR applications will create two valid
> frameworks from which you choose on a project-by-project basis. If you
> develop for Flash, the <tt>'''bin'''</tt> directory in that framework will
> compile with <tt>'''ASC2.0</tt>.''' If you develop for Adobe or Apache
> Flex/AIR the '''bin''' directory in that framework will compile with the
> <tt>'''fcsh'''</tt> wrapper for the old reliable <tt>'''mxmlc'''</tt>
> compiler.
> ====================================
> On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:16 AM, Justin Mclean <justin@classsoftware.com>
> wrote:
>> HI,
>> > So how do I get you a ready-for release PDF document with formatting and
>> > fonts chosen for readability?
>> Plain text only please - I'm not sure what we could do with a PDF
>> document.
>> Justin

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