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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: Apache Installer 2.6 and selecting Flash and AIR versions
Date Mon, 27 May 2013 12:00:29 GMT

> 1.  All the FP 11.x urls were wrong.
> 2.  Styling of the new elements to match the rest of the app
> 3.  Created a new file: sdk-installer-config-3.0.xml with your changes
> 4.  Reverted sdk-installer-config-2.0.xml to earlier state
All good thanks.

> Now, the big piece that is remaining is to fix the flex-config.xml and
> air-config.xml files to reflect the version that the user selected.  That
> brings me to the questions:
> 1.  What else needs to be changed in the installed SDK to account for the
> FP and AIR versions?

Three things in three config files. the files are
1. Flash Player version.
2. Flash Player swf version.
3. Apache Flex version (if not correct in file).

The three files are flex-config.xml, air-config.xml and airmobile-config.xml.

The AIR version should be correct for version of AIR downloaded.

The description could updated to reflect FP and AIR version but that's not required just useful.

1. Done via this reg exp
2. Done via this reg exp
3.Easy to just change config file I think.

If I find some time do you want me to have a go at that?

> 2.  Does it make sense for the user to select different combinations of FP
> and AIR.  For example, if the user selects FP 11.1 and AIR 3.8, what should
> we set as the sfw-version in the config files.
IMO you may want to use a later version of FP with an earlier version of AIR, but the reverse
is not true and the UI stops you from doing that.

> 3.  If this turns out to be troublesome, can we force the user to select a
> combination of FP and AIR runtimes?
Already done. But if you really wanted to limit choice just change to a single combo box where
you select both OR if you select one the other combo box changes to thw same index.

> And before I forget, thanks for working on this feature!  This was one of
> the most requested features for the Installer.
That's why I started it. :-)

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