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From "Tigran Najaryan" <tig...@gmail.com>
Subject RE: [FalconJX] Using RIATest
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 06:30:13 GMT
> From: Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com>
> I'm wondering how this will work.  In an open-source development model,
> both
> committers and non-committers should be able to get the source and run
> tests
> in order to prove that changes they make don't cause any problems.  The
> only
> difference is that non-committers submit patches, but committers can check
> in directly.
> Hopefully, many of these people are going to be legitimate RIATest
> customers.  Do they get to use the free license to test their
> If not, how does the license checker determine whether that person is
> testing the Flex SDK or their application?

Let us consider separately a) committers who will be creating tests,
debugging them, doing actual test development using RIATest and b) the rest
of the world.

a) I believe there will be very few committers who will actually work with
RIATest and will develop tests. For this activity my company will grant
several full Professional edition licenses to Apache Flex team. I believe 5
or 10 licenses will be sufficient, I do not think there will ever be more
than that number of committers who will work on RIATest tests. These will be
regular licenses that we sell to our customers, the only difference will be
that we will donate these free of charge to Apache Flex. Any committer who
needs to write a test can grab one of those licenses and work with a copy of
RIATest downloaded online.

b) For the rest of the world there will be a special license. This special
license for Apache Flex will simply allow anyone in the world who builds
Flex SDK to use RIATest to run tests that are part of Flex SDK. This license
will be granted for free to anyone who runs Flex SDK build. The license will
be activated once RIATest is registered by a special "master" license key
that we will issue for Apache Flex. I think we can even automate this
registration so that a blank build of the SDK downloads RIATest (like it
currently does for other external dependencies) and registers it with the
special key, making RIATest ready to run tests that are part of the build. 

Does this make sense?

> > 4. I will need someone's help to integrate RIATest into Flex SDK build.
> It would probably be best if you submit patches to build scripts and the
> readme.  You would likely earn committer rights that way and then would be
> able to make changes directly going forward.

Do we expect the tests to be part of FalconJX or part of FlexJS? Which repo
will they go to? The FlexJSTest_again example is in flex-asjs repo. For the
sample tests that I created for FlexJSTest_again I put the files in a
"tests" directory which is sibling to "src" directory under
FlexJSTest_again. Is this location OK?

Are there any other existing Flex examples that can be compiled using
FalconJX for which I can write tests?


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