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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Merging 4.9.1 release bench into develop
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 04:49:32 GMT

I went ahead and merged the release branch into develop, looks we've been a bit naughty and
looks like quite a few changes went on in the release branch that didn't happen in develop.

- Had no luck with git rebase it seemed to want to throw away needed changes had much better
luck with "git merge origin/release4.9".
- GIt conflict management is stupid. As far as I can see unlike SVN it doesn't intelligently
merge files it leaves all conflicts up to you fix manually. This is a lot more manual work.
- It's an all or nothing affair. It's not possible to push or commit partial changes as far
as I can tell. This again is more work for a release manager - only way around this is to
merge more frequently while making a release (each RC?) or keep changes in develop to a minimum
while creating/voting on a release. There are issues with both approaches.
- Version.as files are a pain. Git marks every one as a conflict they you have to fix by hand
(find -exec and grep -v is your friend here).
- Our .gitignore is set ignore things it shouldn't eg files in the ide and flex2 directories.
- Please don't comment out lines in the build files as a temporary workaround - try and fix
the issue. A commented out line is very easily forgotten about.

Looks like there's been a couple of minor change made directly to trunk that are in in the
4.9 release - please be careful and don't check into trunk/master. I've not fixed this. I
guess it should be merged with develop and reverted from trunk.

If there's any issue with the merges (there was quite a few changes  but mostly simple ones
thankfully) reply in this thread.

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