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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: Feedback on Flex board report
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2013 01:38:13 GMT

>> I just wanted to thank you for the feedback you provided in your last
>> board report with respect to your experiences with moving to Git.

The move is not complete yet. There are many outstanding issues including (ogff top of head)
- Jenkins build is broken
- Release build process broken and documentation out of date
- TLF issues and building (svn external repos issues)
- Github mirrors not working
- How to deal with github pull requests
- Git and whiteboards

Some of these are being investigated or looked at (eg whiteboards)

The issues as I see them (and what other project should look out and/or consider) are:
- The long time involved form the vote to moving to git
- The move to git by infra happened right in the middle of a release rather unexpectedly
- Not testing/thinking about the the build process and workflow process before the vote was
- The Apache model with one central repo and all development in the open may a good fit with
git which encourages local branching and commits.
- Lack of involvement of the community in fixing issues that arose in a timely manner 
- Split in the git community to always use or not use rebase
- How do you get git to work with whiteboards. (Git can't easily check in/check out parts
of a repo.)
- Selection of an overly complex workflow - better to keep it simple as possible
- Moving to git will place more workload on a release manager (may not be true for every project)
- While git has many advantages (branching, offline commits etc) merging seems less effective
and often produces incorrect results compared to SVN
- Overly complex and confusing command line options that are required for correct git use


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