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From Cyrill Zadra <cyrill.za...@gmail.com>
Subject [FALCON] Jenkins job
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2013 10:36:01 GMT

Jenkins job for falcon is currently quite massiv and runs only on windows1 node.

1) Checkout  tlf(master), sdk(develop), falcon(develop) from git
2) Copy tlf to sdk
3) Download dependencies like playerglobal, air, JFlex
4) Build SDK
5) Build compiler
6) Execute compiler Tests
  6a) unit-tests
  6b) functional-tests
  6c) feature-tests
7) Build compiler.jx
8) Execute compiler.jx.test

My goal is to have two Falcon Jenkins. One which depends on Flex SDK,
Flash Player and Air Runtime and one that has no flex, flash and air
dependency.  Jenkins job would contain following steps.

1) falcon(develop) from git
2) Build compiler
3) Execute compiler Tests
  3a) unit-tests
4) Build compiler.jx
5) Execute compiler.jx.test

The main advantage would be that this job would run on any os not just
windows. Any thought about it?


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