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From Paul Hastings <paul.hasti...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What's the easiest way to tell if a character is a letter or not?
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2013 07:01:20 GMT
On 4/23/2013 6:04 AM, Justin Mclean wrote:
> It should be able to cope with that. Bit of a moot point as there no Thai
> locale for the SDK but I guess you could use copylocale and give it a go.

no, its a different calendar underlying the system. currently its the year
2556BE (buddhist  era) which you can obtain by adding 543 to the current CE 
year. you can make a gregorian calendar date look like a thai buddhist calendar 
date by supplying the thai langauge date parts & adding 543 to the CE year but 
it would be wrong.

23/4/56 is a tuesday in the thai buddhist calendar (year 2556BE)
23/4/56 is a friday in a faked thai date using gregorian calendar (year 2556CE).

and in some locales for the buddhist calendar there's a year 0 (want to say in 
mayanmar but don't remember exactly).

while there's a lot of correspondence between the buddhist & gregorian calendars 
(ie enough that you can fake it w/a wrapper to handle the year part as the 
months match up exactly) arabic/persian locales are never going to work that 
way. those calendars use completely different calculations.

> It probably wouldn't deal with the 6 hour (vs 12 hour) time system but I've
> no idea how Thai dates are normally written down do you have some examples?

no need, see above. and in any case, thai time format is 24-hour clock system, 
no AM/PM. though informally people use 1-6 plus period of day (late night, 
morning, afternoon & evening)--"bye 2" 2nd hour of the afternoon (2:00pm). but 
in case you were wondering (full-->short):

13 นาฬิกา 48 นาที 56 วินาที เวลาอินโดจีน
13 นาฬิกา 48 นาที 56 วินาที GMT+7

นาฬิกา is roughly "o'clock" or time
นาที is minute
วินาที is second
วลาอินโดจีน is timezone name, indochina/ICT

>> though i think it would be better to supply the CLDR vetted date parts
> Would be the ideal solution - no idea how much work that would be.

maybe add another method or change the way the format methods worked. taking 
coldfusion as a perfect example ;-) it has lsDateFormat method that has the 
following signature


where mask can be user supplied but i argue for following the java style of 
FULL-->SHORT to avoid crazy/un-parseable date formats.

but to get this to work globally, flex would need more calendars. pretty sure 
that would take a lot of work, i wouldn't even no where to begin to swap out the 
gregorian calendar for a buddhist one (guessing easiest to port). unless it was 
already done & waiting to be donated?

> What no Klingon dates? :-)

klingon comes up for inclusion in unicode every so often but the delegates 
usually get drunk & start a riot so nothing ever comes of it ;-) but you'd need 
a klingon calendar anyway.

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