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From "Tigran Najaryan" <tig...@gmail.com>
Subject FalconJX: bugs in external dependencies (Google Closure Compiler), what to do?
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2013 11:27:42 GMT
I debugged the problem that I reported earlier (generating incorrect paths
in deps.js) and looks like it is due to a bug in
com.google.javascript.jscomp.deps.PathUtil.isAbsolute. It is implemented by
simply checking that the path starts by a forward slash which of course is
incorrect under Windows.

So what is the procedure when the bug is in an external dependency? It is
not as if it is a single call that can be avoided. PathUtil.isAbsolute is
called a few levels below in the call stack from the
which is supposed to compute and return the correct text for dependencies

I will debug this further but just wanted to understand if I should I try to
work around the external bug when I meet one or I need to try something


P.S. Did anyone actually try running FalconJX on Windows or everybody is
developing on a Mac?

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