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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] progress update
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:50:33 GMT
Excellent.  I will try it out later today.  I have to quickly fix some
FalconJS stuff for my potential "customer", but once I get past that I will
see if FalconJX can generate the same code.

I am hopeful that if I run into more of the kinds of errors I am fixing in
FalconJS, that they will be easier to find and fix in FalconJX.

On 3/27/13 10:34 AM, "Erik de Bruin" <erik@ixsoftware.nl> wrote:

> Another update (have taken/will take some time to get this right this week):
> FalconJx can now parse both FlexJS MXML and AS reasonably correctly.
> If run from the command line, it will now create the correct output
> directories (bin/js-debug and bin/js-release) and emit all JS and HTML
> files, both plain text (debug) and optimised using the GCC (release).
> Please use these command line arguments:
> +env.PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME=/Users/erik/Documents/ApacheFlex/dependencies/PlayerGlo
> bal/player
> +playerglobal.version=11.1
> -load-config="/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder
> 4.7/sdks/4.9.1/frameworks/flex-config.xml"
> -library-path+=/Users/erik/Documents/ApacheFlex/git/flex-asjs/frameworks/as/li
> bs/FlexJSUI.swc
> -js-output-type=FLEXJS
> -output=/Users/erik/Desktop/FlexJS/fromEclipse/FlexJSTest.js
> -closure-lib=/Users/erik/Documents/ApacheFlex/dependencies/GoogleClosure/libra
> ry
> -sdk-js-lib=/Users/erik/Documents/ApacheFlex/git/flex-asjs/frameworks/js/FlexJ
> S/src
> /Users/erik/Documents/ApacheFlex/git/flex-asjs/examples/FlexJSTest_again/src/F
> lexJSTest.mxml
> NOTE: please use the -sdk-js-lib argument to point to the library you
> want to use, instead of the previous 'vanilla' themed one.
> Also worth mentioning: as of now, the application doesn't do anything
> in the browser, due to some unfinished business in the emitted JS
> (mainly places where 'goog' is still used, instead of FlexJS). This is
> my todo for tomorrow...
> Have fun,
> EdB
> On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 11:33 PM, Om <bigosmallm@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> So, I need to research more about how skinning works in HTML5, but I have
>>>>> this vague recollection that skins in HTML5 are entirely graphics.
>>>> I dont think so.  SVG is part of the HTML5 spec now, so what we are doing
>>>> is completely legitimate.
>>> That's sort of what I meant.  I think a skin in HTML5 doesn't have
>>> sub-components, and is a bitmap or SVG.
>> Ah, got it.  I dint read your sentence that way earlier.
>>>>> I also need to understand how an HTML5 button skin changes its visuals
>>> with
>>>>> hover/down/selected/focused/emphasized.  That would also educate how
>>> set
>>>>> up a skinning model for FlexJS.
>>>> Here is an example: http://demos.madeinthenorth.com/slicker-buttons/#
>>>> Notice how they use SVG in IE9 and CSS3 for Firefox and Webkit.  This
>>> also
>>>> shows how to use CSS to control the various states.
>>> I took a look at this post. It uses the "hover" pseudo selector as
>>> expected.
>>> But the button did not have support for things like focused and emphasized.
>> If you can share some examples you like, that would be useful for me.
>>>> A restriction on skins to not have sub-components would be great IMHO.  A
>>>> new suffix would be great as well.  One more modification from our
>>> current
>>>> spark skins would be to perhaps have a HostInterface instead of a
>>>> HostComponent in skins.
>>> Actually, I don't envision any sort of HostInterface or HostComponent
>>> contract for skins.  The actual skins shouldn't really know anything about
>>> the host.  The view bead, which sets up the sub-componentry for the visuals
>>> may bind to the component's model.
>> In that case, it should bind to an interface of the component's model and
>> not any specific implementation.
>> Thanks,
>> Om

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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