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From Cedric Muller <usa...@benga.li>
Subject Re: Flash finally dead?
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 17:42:16 GMT

A naive question/observation could be: if Adobe ever drops Flash Player support (and all the
Flash ecosystem), will they contribute the source or will it end the Flash side of Flex (but
opening the newly fresh path to JS) ? (I know that there is no answer yet, and my question
is totally biased).

Add this to the coward business attitude now, and we all get the picture. Adobe is right trying
to. But Adobe could be just dropping a jewel without even knowing it (an unsellable jewel,
that was initially wrong, think of the 99% of Flash, Nielsen was right in the end and now
it is HTML5's turn to suffer on bad design). Also, the Flex project is well shaped to the
future bullets, already envisionning the JS routes and so.

Good we are all here, glad to see this live and running ... plus: all the digital signage
solutions that need dynamic data are still fed with Flash ! (OK, ok, JS too, but ... yeah,
seems , ok ok. It will be alright).

Apologies to all! 


> Hi,
> Flex is an Apache open source project. Adobe as a company has no control over it but
Adobe employees are free to (and do) contribute. That's how the ASF works.
> Slightly off topic but there was a very good session at ApacheCon NA on the managing
the risks of using open source - perhaps it can put things into perspective?
> http://lanyrd.com/2013/apachecon/scbttz/
> http://archive.apachecon.com/na2013/presentations/28-Thursday/Community_Over_code/14:45-Managing_Project_Risk_when_using_Open_Source-Nick_Burch.odp
> Thanks,
> Justin

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