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From Cristian Spiescu <cristian.spie...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: UML diagrams for the Flex projects in Flower Dev Center ...
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 14:21:28 GMT
Thank you all for your kind words!

We look forward in having feedback from you. The current Flower Dev 
Center basically does what a "standard" UML tool is expected to do. 
Adding the possibility to collaborate in real-time, use it on the web, 
collaborate on code, etc. We use it for our internal projects and for 
the projects of our customers, and it helps.

But nicer things will start happening when Flower Dev Center will do 
more, compared to traditional UML tools. We have a lot of ideas that we 
are currently implementing, where Flower Dev Center will really add 
value (and speed!) to the dev cycle, especially when used within teams.

And even nicer things will happen when you will tell us what you'd like 
to see more :)

For the moment we support Java and Flex (AS + MXML). We are working for 
JavaScript, ruby, python and php support. But Flex and the Flex 
community will always be a priority for us, because this is the client 
side platform that we are using. Flex is THE best platform for client 
side programming right now and at least for the near future. No other 
technology allows the same level of productivity (i.e. in a given time 
frame, the quantity and quality of the produced output).

Best regards,

On 08.03.2013 07:40, Vicker Leung wrote:
> Cristian,
> The Flower Platform looks awesome. Drawing UML diagram is always 
> painful as you can hardly find a cross-platform solution for that. Mac 
> users usually use OmniGraffle while Windows users use Visio. I do 
> think that a tool like yours will have a great market.
> I remember that years ago there is a developer who developed a very 
> intuitive UML modeler named Saffron using Adobe AIR. However before 
> the product is released, he is hired by Microsoft... You can still 
> search for some UI images from Google.
> Cheers
> Vicker
> Om wrote:
>> Cristian, this workflow sounds pretty good to me. Sorry for not 
>> responding
>> earlier.
>> Mike, thanks for bringing this discussion back up.  I was thinking about
>> this tool after reading the mid-air collisions between your code and 
>> Erik's
>> code a couple of days ago.  Since you two are actively working on stuff,
>> maybe you can give this workflow a workout and give us some pointers?
>> For my part, I will see if I get some time to try it out myself soon.
>> Thanks,
>> Om
>> On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 2:18 PM, Michael 
>> Schmalle<mike@teotigraphix.com>wrote:
>>> Honestly guys and girls, I have no idea why this list is not 
>>> interested in
>>> this application. They are looking for examples and such of the Flex
>>> framework and they have let this go unanswered for weeks.
>>> I think this project is amazing. Its just a bit over my head at the 
>>> moment
>>> since I am developing other large things right now. :)
>>> I wish others in the group would give feedback on this project!
>>> Regardless Cristian, your team has done a huge work or art with this
>>> application and I give you my respect.
>>> Mike
>>> Quoting Cristian Spiescu<cristian.spiescu@gmail.com>:
>>>   Hello Apache Flex Community,
>>>> First of all I'd like to say that I'm very thrilled about the 
>>>> amount and
>>>> quality of the activity within the Apache Flex project (cf. mail
>>>> discussions, web site, 4.9 release, etc). And very happy about the 
>>>> future
>>>> of the project as well. Congratulations!
>>>> We (i.e. Flower Platform Team) are launching a collaborative 
>>>> platform for
>>>> UML modeling&  development, targeting the open-source projects (with
>>>> front-end proudly powered by Flex :) ).
>>>> We have imported the source code from your public SVN into Flower Dev
>>>> Center (ActionScript/Flex code: flex/sdk/branches/develop/*, and 
>>>> the falcon
>>>> compiler: falcon/trunk). We have played and we have created a few 
>>>> diagrams:
>>>> (I have shortened the links with goo.gl)
>>>> == Java: Falcon compiler; in apache-flex/ws_falcon.**
>>>> compiler/apache-flex.ws_**falcon.compiler ==
>>>> * Compiler Mxml Classes; direct link to diagram: http://goo.gl/0i5LR
>>>> * Visitor Classes; direct link to diagram: http://goo.gl/2IhSg
>>>> * ISourceLocation Hierarchy - http://goo.gl/lJr4r
>>>> * Compiler CSS Interfaces - http://goo.gl/Fbhv0
>>>> OR a link that contains all the above diagrams: http://goo.gl/Ph2e5
>>>> == ActionScript/Flex Framework; in apache-flex/ws_develop/ ==
>>>> * apache-flex.ws_develop.rpc/**model/rpc.flower - Messaging Classes:
>>>> http://goo.gl/jSJ0F
>>>> * apache-flex.ws_develop.**advancedgrids - Advanced Datagrid Classes:
>>>> http://goo.gl/nPHg0
>>>> * apache-flex.ws_develop.charts - Chart Components and Classes:
>>>> http://goo.gl/OWck9
>>>> * apache-flex.ws_develop.spark:
>>>>       - Core Component Classes: http://goo.gl/6BVis
>>>>      - Spark Components Diagram: http://goo.gl/92blU
>>>> * apache-flex.ws_develop.**airspark - Air Spark Components:
>>>> http://goo.gl/dUfQ2
>>>> * apache-flex.ws_develop.**mobilecomponents - Navigator Components:
>>>> http://goo.gl/61vuN
>>>> OR a link that contains all the above diagrams: http://goo.gl/vlzUZ
>>>> We hope you'll like the platform. Please don't hesitate to ask us any
>>>> question. We think that Flower Dev Center would help within the 
>>>> Apache Flex
>>>> project, especially with this project being animated by active people,
>>>> located in different geographical positions.
>>>> We look forward to any kind of suggestions, that would improve the
>>>> collaborative flow. We'll implement them quickly so that you can 
>>>> think&
>>>> work better. We have a desktop plugin for Eclipse that is partially
>>>> compatible with FDC (UML4AS; some of you may already know it). In the
>>>> future we'll release a version that has a superior integration with 
>>>> FDC.
>>>> Btw. there is some doc on the Flower Dev Center website.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Cristian @ The Flower Platform.
>>>> Flower Platform Website: http://learn-discuss.flower-**
>>>> platform.com/flower_dev_**center/<http://learn-discuss.flower-platform.com/flower_dev_center/>

>>>> Flower Dev Center URL: http://flower-dev-center.**
>>>> flower-platform.com:8082/**flower-dev-center/<http://flower-dev-center.flower-platform.com:8082/flower-dev-center/>

>>>> PS: please reply to me for read-write access

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