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From Wes Gorgichuk <...@gskinner.com>
Subject Spelling Plus Library (SPL) Open Sourced
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 23:42:44 GMT
Hey everyone;

     I've noticed a few posts recently about possibly getting Squiggly 
donated to this project. That got me thinking about our own 
(gskinner.com's) spelling library.  It was a commercial project that 
we've had ongoing for around 6 years, however lately it has grown 
stagnate, so it was time to open-source it. Werecently released it under 
an MIT license on GitHub (http://www.github.com/gskinner/SPL).  I know 
its not a donation to this project, but being MIT anyone can take the 
source and do anything they want with it.

The current version fully supports the Flash component set, TextField, 
TLF and RichEditableText in both Flash, and the Flex SDK (both 3.x and 
4.x). Officially it supports English (US and UK), however there are 
additional dictionaries for Spanish, French, and German. We also have a 
AIR application that lets you easily create new dictionary files in your 
own language (the source is also in that GitHub repo). You can read more 
here; http://gskinner.com/products/spl/ (and checkout a live demo).  The 
source for those demos is all in the GitHub repo.

Our hope is by open sourcing it the library will find a new life in the 
open-source community.  And maybe even in the Flex sdk ... :)

Wes Gorgichuk

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