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From Michael Schmalle <apa...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] major commit ready to go...
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 00:16:52 GMT

> renamed IASNodeStrategy to INodeStrategy

I disagree, please rename that interface back to IASNodeStrategy.

The only method it has is handle(IASNode node), notice the IASNode. It  
is a IASNode handler strategy.

Can we please be a little more pragmatic at this refactoring and  
renaming? I don't understand what compelled you to want to rename that  

I'm really not liking this 'common' folder at all. I really believe  
common API belongs in it's own package, not sub packages of a common  
directory. Look at how the falcon framework is laid out, they do not  
abuse the common directory.

Putting codegen and things on a common directory when there is already  
a codegen directory is redundant and confusing for others in the  
future. That being said, I said it was MY mistake not making a codegen  
and driver directory in compiler. If you want to refactor, do it right  
and make a codegen, driver in the compiler, then move the 'as', 'js'  
and 'mxml' into the codegen package and axe the common package.


Quoting Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>:

> Mike et al.,
> I have a reasonably big commit lined up. To make AS embedded in MXML
> work without doing duplicate work, I figured I could best use the
> existing ASEmitter and subclases. To make this work, I needed to add
> an ASBlockWalker to the MXMLBlockWalker and make adjustments to some
> existing code (refactoring of interfaces and method signatures,
> mostly). I was able to keep most of this trickery limited to MXML
> classes, but I needed to make some changes to these 'common' and AS
> classes:
> - renamed IASNodeStrategy to INodeStrategy, as it is now 'common' and
> used by both AS and MXML; this renaming touches 'a few' other classes,
> like IJSEmitter and the classes in
> 'org.apache.flex.compiler.internal.as.codegen'
> - created IBlockVisitor and IBlockWalker as 'common' interfaces
> - refactored IASBlockVisitor and IASBlockWalker to extend these new  
> interfaces
> All tests pass (I even managed to get a few more done for FlexJS) and
> the road ahead seems clear...
> Let me know if any of this will break anything beyond repair - or at
> least beyond a little time spend adjusting code to the new - if I
> commit these changes,
> EdB
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> I. www.ixsoftware.nl

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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