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From Michael Schmalle <apa...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject [FalconJx] Refactor Notes of the last couple commits
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 12:40:19 GMT


Now that I have got my project's tests passing again, I thought I  
would voice some of my opinions in a more professional manner after  
the storm.

- 'common' Although I agree with you making things common, I don't  
agree with having sub packages, it seems redundant and confusing, if a  
sub package warrants in common, it should have a real package in  
- On the note of this change, if we could have talked about this first  
you would have heard me first say that maybe we should move  
'compiler.as' and 'compiler.js' into a 'compiler.codegen'





Which then would have allowed;


The toplevel codegen becomes the 'common' container.

The same change could be applied to 'driver'. This was a mistake on my  
part when I was originally laying out the first impl of the packages.

- The above I will argue for the 'driver' package as well.

- Tests, I don't understand why addLibraries() and such in ITestBase  
are public API. They will never be called outside of the test. In java  
you would make them abstract and the TestBase class abstract and that  
creates the subclass contract implicitly.

- Also, passing the List as a parameter of those 3 methods  
encapsulates the actual field, then if you are just overridding them  
in a sub class, you are not trying to figure out what field goes  
where, its just a template method that you add entries to the list  

To me this is enough merrit for at least a discussion about a veto.

I hope you can think about these issues, maybe we can change them down  
the road. Right now there are no reverting necessary.


Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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