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From DarkStone <DarkSt...@163.com>
Subject Porting Flex to the GPU
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 12:46:55 GMT
Hi Apache Flex Team,

As a 7 years old flex developer,flex once made me proud, now it makes me sad and frustrated
: (

The world is post-pc world now, mobile devices are everywhere, it is a fact that PCs are fading,
mobiles will be the mainstream for the next decades.

Flex is an awesome component framework, but it runs entirely on CPU, that's the very reason
why it makes me frustrated.

When developing an app to be used on iOS or android, flex's performance is very disappointing,
especially if you add any animation effects to it. And I think you all know the reason why,
yes, it's because flex runs on CPU.

So I'm here sincerely wishing Apache Flex 5.0 will focus on porting flex app to the GPU. Maybe
there is a way that by only working on the falcon compiler itself to make this happen.

I mean it's best that if flex developers don't need to change theirs codes, and only need
to re-compile theirs flex projects using the new falcon compiler to make their apps running
on GPU. In order to do this, the falcon compiler will need to convert their flex code to be
used on Stage3D and not stage.

If flex can run on GPU, I think it'll be the best cross platform component framework in the
world, cus the spark architecture is brilliant, the SkinnableComponent workflow makes developer
and designer working simultaneously, very high efficiency comparing to the other frameworks
out there.

Some of you might say Starling and Feather framework might feed my needs, there are both GPU

No, Starling is focusing on gaming, and I only interested in app. Feather doesn't have markup
language support and not very easy to re-skinning compares to flex.

I think the FalconJx compiler is a right direction, but it will take quite a time to make
it fully functional, given the reason that JavaScript 1.x is not a true OOP script language
and the Flash display architecture is not the same as HTML/JS. And even if FaclonJx were ready
now, the output app still runs on the CPU, so...

That's my honest opinion and suggestion, thank you for all your great works.

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