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From "Tianzhen Lin" <tang...@usa.net>
Subject RE: Flash finally dead?
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 22:18:11 GMT
I started with Director back in 1995 for 2 years, when I discovered "Future
Splash" on MSN, I realized its lightweight would one day make the heavy
Director Shockwave obsolete.  The I saw Splash became Flash, and its last
name went from Macromedia to Adobe.  Rest are history.

I have yet to be convinced about the future of HTML 5, which has a
collection of half-baked standards.  It offers an unintuitive OO from a
development point of view , and its SVG is still partially based on 1.1
which is dated with subpar text support.  While the canvas is nice, it is
equivalent to Bitmap object in Flash.

Nonetheless, Flash has earned my heart to be the choice for rich content
with little growing pain.  Most in the world still see web as a flat
2-dimension space, where Flash has already positioned itself way in the
future.  Sadly, Adobe (not Macromedia) does not see that.  Adobe has not
been traditionally savvy with interactive media, therefore their PageMill or
numerous HTML based apps could never triumph over Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Back in 2001, Adobe's SVG Viewer failed to compete with Flash 6.

That said, I wish the merger never happened, which indirectly set the Web
back ages.  Steve Jobs' flash killing move had to do with his revenge
against Adobe, not Macromedia.  :)  When the new Mac OS X came out, it
bundled with Flash as standard.

However, I still believe Flash has tremendous chance to win.  I have been
writing mobile applications with Flash, which performs better than PhoneGap,
and runs across devices consistently!  That's a niche that brought Flash to
popularity when Quicktime, WMV and Real Video made video delivery a
nightmare.  Developers, Youtube and Google Video made Flash the choice of
video delivery!


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Subject: RE: Flash finally dead?

Really Director still going? Ok that's interesting On Mar 6, 2013 9:28 PM,
"Gordon Smith" <gosmith@adobe.com> wrote:

> Adobe can't kill Flash without "breaking the web" since the web has so 
> much Flash content. I would expect it to be around for the indefinite 
> future. I worked on Director for 10 years and left it 12 years ago 
> because enthusiasm for it was waning, but it's still going.
> - Gordon

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