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From Tomislav Pokrajcic <tomis...@svemir.net>
Subject Re: [PR] Getting people excited about Flex
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 23:08:32 GMT
On 5.2.2013. 23:10, Jim Robson wrote:
> But in general, to address your point, Flex isn't for websites. It's
> primary purpose is enterprise applications - though now it's good for
> mobile, too.
Our experience is that Flex (on Flash) can still find it's place on 
public websites in various apps for generating/editing visual or sound 
Ability to efficiently process binary data and vector graphics on the 
client side still puts it far ahead of solutions running on bianco 
browser engine.

Mobile can be tricky, but with proper code optimizations it's possible 
to create high quality mobile apps.
We just delivered an enterprise mobile app with complex UI (iPad, 
Android) for a client that will be used for managing board meetings by 
corporations and governments.
It was built on 4.6 but we will switch to 4.9 soon and provide a link 
for a showcase when they publish it.

Web apps are also a place where Flex can play it's game on a public web.
We use it in our startup project for web and tablet apps.
Our main gains were on development cost and performance.
A really popular JavaScript app of our competitor is miles away in 
We are launching soon and will be happy to share a link for showcase.



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