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From Michael Schmalle <apa...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject Re: UML diagrams for the Flex projects in Flower Dev Center ...
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2013 19:19:56 GMT
All I have to say is wow!

Having authored a lot of that content in falconjx, it's nice to see  
the UML. :)

Pretty amazing and snappy application you have developed, very nice indeed.

I'm sure this will help me a lot developing in Falcon and the compilers.


> We hope you'll like the platform.

I'm a bit confused, what 'is' the platform you are speaking of and how  
does it work?


Quoting Cristian Spiescu <cristian.spiescu@gmail.com>:

> Hello Apache Flex Community,
> First of all I'd like to say that I'm very thrilled about the amount  
> and quality of the activity within the Apache Flex project (cf. mail  
> discussions, web site, 4.9 release, etc). And very happy about the  
> future of the project as well. Congratulations!
> We (i.e. Flower Platform Team) are launching a collaborative  
> platform for UML modeling & development, targeting the open-source  
> projects (with a front-end proudly powered by Flex :) ).
> We have imported the source code from your public SVN into Flower  
> Dev Center (ActionScript/Flex code: flex/sdk/branches/develop/*, and  
> the falcon compiler: falcon/trunk). We have played and we have  
> created a few diagrams: (I have shortened the links with goo.gl)
> == Java: Falcon compiler; in  
> apache-flex/ws_falcon.compiler/apache-flex.ws_falcon.compiler ==
> * Compiler Mxml Classes; direct link to diagram: http://goo.gl/0i5LR
> * Visitor Classes; direct link to diagram: http://goo.gl/2IhSg
> * ISourceLocation Hierarchy - http://goo.gl/lJr4r
> * Compiler CSS Interfaces - http://goo.gl/Fbhv0
> OR a link that contains all the above diagrams: http://goo.gl/Ph2e5
> == ActionScript/Flex Framework; in apache-flex/ws_develop/ ==
> * apache-flex.ws_develop.rpc/model/rpc.flower - Messaging Classes:  
> http://goo.gl/jSJ0F
> * apache-flex.ws_develop.advancedgrids - Advanced Datagrid Classes:  
> http://goo.gl/nPHg0
> * apache-flex.ws_develop.charts - Chart Components and Classes:  
> http://goo.gl/OWck9
> * apache-flex.ws_develop.spark:
>      - Core Component Classes: http://goo.gl/6BVis
>     - Spark Components Diagram: http://goo.gl/92blU
> * apache-flex.ws_develop.airspark - Air Spark Components: http://goo.gl/dUfQ2
> * apache-flex.ws_develop.mobilecomponents - Navigator Components:  
> http://goo.gl/61vuN
> OR a link that contains all the above diagrams: http://goo.gl/vlzUZ
> We hope you'll like the platform. Please don't hesitate to ask us  
> any question. We think that Flower Dev Center would help within the  
> Apache Flex project, especially with this project being animated by  
> active people, located in different geographical positions.
> We look forward to any kind of suggestions, that would improve the  
> collaborative flow. We'll implement them quickly so that you can  
> think & work better. We have a desktop plugin for Eclipse that is  
> partially compatible with FDC (UML4AS; some of you may already know  
> it). In the future we'll release a version that has a superior  
> integration with FDC. Btw. there is some doc on the Flower Dev  
> Center website.
> Best regards,
> Cristian @ The Flower Platform.
> Flower Platform Website:  
> http://learn-discuss.flower-platform.com/flower_dev_center/
> Flower Dev Center URL:  
> http://flower-dev-center.flower-platform.com:8082/flower-dev-center/
> PS: please reply to me for read-write access

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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