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From "Mark Fuqua" <m...@availdata.com>
Subject RE: Login Example for Apache Flex (was: [Website] Learning content)
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 19:01:59 GMT
As a newbie, I think a good discussion of Flex would include the following:
custom components, suggested folder structure, event bubbling, setting event
listeners, removing event listeners, item renderers and maybe even item
renderers for mobile (I think they are suggested to be actionscript only).


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Subject: Re: Login Example for Apache Flex (was: [Website] Learning content)

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 9:20 AM, Nicholas Kwiatkowski

> Sebastian,
> I'm not sure that talking about frameworks is the best way to attract 
> new developers.  I think some code samples that show how easy it is to 
> do fairly complicated tasks may be better.  Think of what the Adobe 
> Evangelists have shown in the past (demoware).  Flex is pretty awesome 
> in the fact that you don't really need a framework to do most basic 
> functions -- it is a framework in itself (and it allows the developer 
> to explore the framework without having to worry about the black-magic 
> that is Framework X vs. Framework Y).
> Showing new users code patterns without involving frameworks would be 
> very useful.  For example, showing how certain code patterns can help 
> leverage Events properly, etc.
> -Nick

Right.  The only framework we need to talk about is the Flex framework.
 Examples for integrating it with other microarchitectures can be taken care
of those respective projects.  By talking about third-party
microarchitectures we would seem like we prefer any particular one(s)  Our
examples should talk in terms of just ActionScript and MXML.  You can
implement MVC in Flex without having to use any other framework.


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