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From Jun Heider <...@realeyes.com>
Subject Re: Flex content contribution to Apache was [RE: Old Flex style and component explorers]
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 19:58:28 GMT
On 1/9/13 9:44 AM, "Michelle Yaiser" <myaiser@adobe.com> wrote:

>I know many of the pieces listed below may not be very useful any more.
>Rather than dumping everything on Apache, I'd rather contribute what the
>community finds valuable.  Can you let me know what content you would
>like to have?

That's awesome news Michelle. Question would be what's the difference in
level of effort between giving us everything vs. conditional giving us
bits and pieces? 

If it's not too much more effort, my personal thought would be approve the
contribution of all that you mentioned in one fell swoop and then the
Apache Flex community can decide on which content gets pushed to the
forefront vs. quietly forgotten as the Apache Flex keeps chugging along.

The links you listed contain a huge number of great articles and I don't
think it'd hurt if we have too much outdated information as long as we
quarantine the content until someone has a chance to review and revise and
push to the spotlight.

Thanks for looking into all that!

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