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From Erik de Bruin <e...@ixsoftware.nl>
Subject Re: [ASJS] Integration with existing JS libraries and components
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2013 07:28:33 GMT

> My main problem with using Closure is that it introduces a second parsing
> and manipulation
> pass while, IMHO, all of the necessary work can be done inside Falcon since
> all necessary
> information is contained within the AST. Therefore implementing the whole
> shebang inside
> Falcon will be faster.

The goal is to move the functionality that is currently in the ant
script into FalconJx. After all, it's just 2 calls to a Python script
and some file manipulation.

As to the 'second pass': that will always be needed, as the Falcons
are compilers, not optimisers. It has been discussed and dismissed
that we would write our own JS optimiser; there are so many excellent
ones available all over the place. Using the Closure Compiler gives us
the added advantage of doing an actual re-compile of the JS, instead
of plain optimisation. This means that it can achieve incredibly
efficient and small code. Please look at the 'release' output from my
proof of concept.

> Plus it removes a dependency, which is always good,
> again IMHO.

How is replacing Closure for RequireJS removing a dependency?

> The fact that your requireJS approach is also asynchronous is a big boon as
> well. It means
> an application could be loaded incrementally much easier, and from what I
> understand
> incredibly granular.

The same goes for Closure. Please look at my previous email for more
on this particular topic.

> Anyways, I have some thoughts about the actual implementation of all of
> this, but I'm gonna

Again, I like the approach you mention as an excellent addition to the
future of Flex. I don't mind (much ;-)) that you prefer one solution
over another. What I do mind is when the choice is made based on
faulty information. This email is merely intended to put to rest some
of the FUD that seems to be going around about Closure.


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