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From Erik de Bruin <e...@ixsoftware.nl>
Subject Re: [ASJS] Integration with existing JS libraries and components
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 21:03:16 GMT
> We most certainly will, once we get our misunderstandings out of the way :)
> I think we both aim for the same things, we just need to find the same
> wavelengths :)

Your followup mails -- and me re-reading the original one, I know I
was lazy reading it the first time :-) -- cleared things up a bit, and
I must say I like what I think I now understand.

I'd love to help out to get a demo of this idea going.


Ix Multimedia Software

Jan Luykenstraat 27
3521 VB Utrecht

T. 06-51952295
I. www.ixsoftware.nl

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