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From Frank Wienberg <fr...@jangaroo.net>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] AMD-based JavaScript code implemented in Jangaroo
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 11:56:32 GMT
On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 9:06 PM, Michael Schmalle

> Yeah, thanks that makes the build process clear,
> What about the app development, debug from code to browser develop cycle?
> Like how do you envision the code being debugged, like how there is a
> Run/Debug and with breakpoints. This happens in the browser separate of the
> IDE? I have IntelliJ Ultimate, that is why I am asking about that in
> particular.
Yes, usually we debug directly in the browser.
See http://www.jangaroo.net/tutorial/debugging/
Works like this:

   1. spot the class and line you want to debug in IDEA, where you can
   easily naviagte & serach
   2. switch to browser, enter JS debug tool
   3. most JS debug tools allow typing the script file name to find it (IE
   only takes the first character :-(). So type the class name (which is
   exactly the script name). E.g. in Firebug, you click on "Script" tab, then
   on second combo-box (first combo should be set to "static"), then start
   4. Then use the JS debugger's "goto line" command. In Firebug, this is
   #<line-number> in the script search box, in Chrome, this is Ctrl-G. Enter
   the source code line, and the code in the generated JS will look strikingly
   familiar :-)
   5. Set breakpoint
   6. When breakpoint is hit, the stack trace as well as the local
   variables show readable names. Only private members have a $n suffix.

So this works really well once you got used to it.

Of course, what you'd really want would be to set the breakpoint directly
in the IDE. IDEA can remote-debug JavaScript in the browser, and you can
even easily map URLs to local files. So I tried to map the JavaScript URLs
to local *.as files. Didn't work, because you can only change the path, not
the file name (extension!), and IDEA's Flex support already "stole" the
breakpoints in AS code. So I hacked both IDEA's Flex support and the
JavaScript debugger and got it to run! I could set a breakpoint in AS code,
connect to the application running in the browser (IDEA supports only
Firefox and Chrome), and the breakpoint was hit and I could debug in IDEA!
However, I didn't publish the patched plugins, because I found them too
hard to maintain (create new patched version for every IDEA version...).
It was just a proof of concept that it would be very easy for IDEA to
support AS-JS-debugging directly in the IDE. So I guess it will be right
there for Apache Flex JS!

Have fun
-Frank- J8)

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