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From "Guthmann, Scott" <sguthm...@on3solutions.com>
Subject [Marketing] - Telling the world that we are a TLP...
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2013 22:17:43 GMT
> Now that we are a TLP and flex.apache.org is up and running, how do we tell that to the

I would like to help with this project. I am drafting the format for a press release (PR)
and I will volunteer to be the press contact. I can also help with copy editing. However,
I will need someone to help me fill in the content. This document should be 400 - 500 words
in 4 - 5 paragraphs. The elements in the document I am formatting are listed here [1].

The PR piece needs to answer a few questions in my view:
What has just been released, by who, & how was the work done?
Why should the business manager use Apache Flex (the open source release) instead of another
development language?
                  => list the most important business benefits of Apache Flex 4.9 in this
Why should current application owners upgrade their existing Adobe Flex applications to the
community release?
                  => add quote in this section
What capabilities does the Apache Flex release 4.9 have for business managers and developers
that Adobe Flex 4.6 does not?
                  => add quote in this section
Because this new SDK was released, what breakthroughs have occurred? (is it first? is it best?
is it preferred? is it the only?)
                  => add quote in this section
There should be 2 - 3 quotes in it from a couple of developers involved in the project that
adds credibility to the piece.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Press_release#Elements
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