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From Kevin Newman <Capta...@unFocus.com>
Subject Re: Flash Platform Whitepaper
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2013 06:04:58 GMT
On 1/29/2013 8:14 PM, Tianzhen Lin wrote:
> I hope Adobe, with its new focus on gaming, would not repeat
> its misstep and make some waves into console market.

The right play in my opinion would be to do exactly that - focus on 
gaming - then expand out to other types of apps like they did when Flash 
moved from animation, to video, to RIAs. They have a strong 
multi-platform app-store middleware product. But if you read closely, 
Adobe's narrative was never about a real focus on gaming, and was always 
more about leveraging their installed base, and desktop/laptop browser 
ubiquity. That failed when they couldn't sell premium features, and so 
they've cancelled the plans they had to advance Flash and AIR further, 
and have instead entered Flash into its end of life.

It's really a shame they'll put stage3d and AGAL to sleep with Flash. 
Any hope they'll mix those APIs with a new language, and create a 
preplacement middleware product (I'm voting for GoLang as the core 
language!)? A new brand couldn't hurt at this point.

Kevin N.

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